Is Planning Permission Required For An Indoor Swimming Pool?


When clients come to us with new designs for luxury swimming pool ideas, they often ask whether they require planning permission for the implementation of their indoor pool.

Unfortunately, there’s not a simple yes or no answer to this question.  Planning permission can be a complicated subject, so we advise that you always check with the planning office at your local authority before spending time planning your budget and designing your luxury pool.

Most luxury pool projects fall under planning permission guidelines.  We recommend that you always check to eliminate the risk of receiving a hefty fine after the pool has been built.  Or worse… a demand that the building be altered or removed completely.

Luxury Infinity Pool

Usually, the pool hall (the in-progress construction of an indoor pool, similar to an outbuilding), will be exempt from planning, subject to the following permitted development conditions:

  • The pool must be built behind the building line of the front of the main property.
  • For dual pitched roofs, luxury pools must be built within single storey buildings. The height of these must not exceed 4 metres.
  • Flat roof (and other roof type) buildings must be single storey. The height of these must not exceed 3 metres.
  • The overall height of pool buildings located within 2 metres of your property boundary must be less than 2.5 metres.
  • There must be no verandas, balconies or raised platforms included in the design.
  • The pool building cannot take up over 50% of the land around the original house.
  • In National Parks and Areas of Outstanding National Beauty, pools must not exceed 10 square metres. Pools must also be at the back of properties.
  • Pool buildings must not be listed properties.
  • Indoor pools must not be overlooked by any public road or be nearer to a public road than any part of the property.

Appoint an experienced planner or architect who is up to speed with local planning policies to ensure that your indoor swimming pool will fit within the guidelines.  They will manage the whole process, dealing with varying queries and correspondence to ensure the planning and design runs smoothly.

Time And Cost Required For Indoor Pool Planning Permission

Local Authorities will usually respond to a planning permission application within 10-12 weeks.  Submit all the necessary information and required fee as requested; any mistakes will delay the process.

Most indoor pools are classed as extensions and treated as home improvements.  In England, the cost of applying for planning permissions is £172, though this may differ in other parts of the UK.

Your planning consultant or architect should clarify this for you.

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