What Tiling Options Are Available For Luxury Pools?


You’ve completed your design for a beautiful indoor swimming pool and wellness area.  You’ve perfected the shape, the style, the drinking water quality pool water and the world-leading filtration system for a crystal-clear pool. You’ve planned the mood lighting, sound system and spa pool.

But your luxury pool and wellness area aren’t complete without flawless tiles that will reflect the light and finish your pool room with an edge of glamour.

You want to put as much thought and care into the design of your mosaic pool flooring as you would for your living room carpet.

Luxury Pools value your design needs, which is why we offer a range of stunning mosaics for your indoor pool and wellness area.

The three main tiling options for indoor pools are:

  • Glass Mosaic Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Natural Stone Tiles

The two main tiling options for pool surrounds are:

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Natural Stone Tiles

Iridescent Glass Tiles

Add an element of charm to your tiles with our iridescent mosaics.  These catch the light from every angle, casting rainbow-colour spectrums across your pool water.

Luxury pools offer iridescent tiles in 36 stunning shades, and they’re suitable for your swimming pool, spa room and steam room, so why not make them match?

Glass tiling is typically the most expensive tiling option.  However, it can be alternated with lower-budget tiling to create splashes of colour and reflection in your luxury pool.

Gold Fleck Glass Mosaic Tiles

Gold fleck mosaic tiles add a touch of class to your luxury pool and wellness area.  Streaks of gold weave through tiles, creating vibes of opulence and luxuriousness.

Vitro Glass Mosaic Tiles

Vitro glass mosaics add a hint of sparkle to your tiles.  The reflective glass of Vitro creates a mesmerising effect, reflecting light as water moves over the surface of the mosaics.

These mesh-mounted mosaics are suited to both indoor and outdoor use.  Luxury Pools offer the Lavarange for a robust design, and the Marbo range for a pastel design.

Small-Format Mosaic Tiles

Small-format mosaic tiles offer a classical appearance, complementing the transparency of your pool water.  This tiling is ideal for covering curved surfaces.

Natural Stone or Porcelain Tiles

The high performance, low maintenance and aesthetics of natural stone and porcelain tiles make them a popular choice amongst our customers.

Natural stone creates a permanent, elegant feel for a natural, authentic pool and wellness area.

Luxury Pools also supply world-leading natural stone overflow channel grates in a range of marble and limestone designs.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiling is equally impervious to cool and warm temperatures, as well as UV radiation.  It’s also strongly resistant against acids and lyes, making it the most practical option for swimming pools.

Ceramic tiles don’t emit any harmful pollutants and the attractive appearance of the tiling doesn’t deteriorate, even over decades. Ceramic tiling is one of the most sustainable tiling choices from every perspective.

More Advice

Each type of tiling requires specific installation materials, equipment and techniques.  For advice on tiling for your luxury pool and wellness area, sign up below for a free tiling consultation.

Download our free swimming pool design brochure for more tile and luxury pool inspiration.

About Luxury Pool Sauna Spa

Luxury Pool Sauna Spa are specialist designers and builders of swimming pools and wellness suites for your homes, hotel, day spa or yacht. We combine our extensive knowledge and wealth of experience with your vision for your wellness space or swimming pool. By doing this we help you bring new life into your home, hotel or day spa through the creation of luxury facilities that allow you and your guests to grow and thrive. 

Swimming pool design and creating luxury wellness spaces is our passion. We specialise in the designing and building of bespoke products such as indoor pools or outdoor pools, basement and infinity swimming pools  

Luxury Pool Sauna Spa are exclusive UK partners of wellness experts Starpool. Together we work to bring our clients the latest in innovative designs and technology for wellness facilities such as saunas, steam rooms and spa pools and a host of other luxury wellness facilities that will liven up your space.

Through close consultation with you through the project, we ensure that our designs become one with the surrounding environments. This gives a sleek atmosphere to your pool or spa room. 

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