Wellness: Spa Pools As Part Of The Relaxation Experience


In a luxury wellness spa, guests have a right to expect a certain level of luxury as they enjoy their experience. They’ve often come to the spa to get away from the day to day pressures of working life. They want to switch off in a space that gives them that opportunity.

Designing your luxury wellness spa for your home or hotel should be about fulfilling your guests needs to switch off from the outside world and revive themselves both mentally and physically.

Luxury Pools have been blogging about the benefits of including a luxury spa pool as part of this experience.

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What Is A Spa Pool?

A spa pool is a massage pools filled with warm water that is moved around by high powered jets. They are typically designed to fit 4-10 people. However, they can be created on a bespoke basis to meet the space available.

Spa pools can be designed to give guests a sitting or a semi-lying down position. The bubbling waters and high-powered jets come together to give guests a therapeutic water treatment as part of their wellness spa experience.

Why Are Spa Pools Beneficial In Wellness Spas?

Spa pools penetrate deep into the muscles using a combination of the high-powered jets and the warm water.

The muscles begin to relax and receive a massage-like effect from the jets and make contact with the body. They then begin to feel looser, which is a relief to many people who find that their muscles are tighter as they undergo the pressures of everyday life.

Spa pools can affect the muscles throughout the body, not just in the back and shoulders. Because spa pools are designed with jets throughout the design, the water is moved around in ways that make pressured contact with the whole body, giving you and your guests and all-round luxury spa experience.

These wellness facilities can be particularly beneficial in spas where guests will be looking to treat their muscles after a work out such as using a gym or a swimming pool. For guests making use of the full facilities of the spa, including a spa pool can be a welcome addition because it creates the ultimate relaxation experience.


Including a luxury spa pool in your wellness spa can give you and your guests and additional space to calm the body and relax your muscles in a way that compliments the look and feel of your wellness spa through seamless design.

Spa pools use high powdered jets to penetrate deep into the muscles as they move the warm waters around to give you and your guests the ultimate feeling of relaxation.

Whether you’re are creating a wellness spa for you home, hotel or day spa, a spa pool can be a fantastic addition to the space. It will heighten the relaxation experience for you and your guests and complete the vision of wellness to the highest level of perfection.

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Swimming pool design and creating luxury wellness spaces is our passion. We specialise in the designing and building of bespoke products such as indoor pools or outdoor pools, basement and infinity swimming pools.   

Luxury Pools are exclusive UK partners of wellness experts Starpool. Together we work to bring our clients the latest in innovative designs and technology for wellness facilities such as saunas, steam rooms and spa pools and a host of other luxury wellness facilities that will liven up your space.

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