Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool

8 Reasons To Invest In A Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool

Are you thinking about investing in an indoor swimming pool? We have summed up our top eight reasons to invest in a indoor swimming pool, and we’re ready to share them with you.

Perhaps you’ve already got a few ideas about your swimming pool design and build to meet the requirements of your luxury pool.

1) Get Fit With An Indoor Swimming Pool

Finding time to squeeze in a fitness regime can be difficult.  It always seems to become a last priority when something more pressing comes up.

But not when you invest in your own indoor swimming pool. You can get some lengths in at whatever time suits you, just by going downstairs (or upstairs, depending on your swimming pool and spa design).

Starpool can design and build swimming pools to meet fitness needs, usually in terms of your pool’s length and width.

2) Encourage Togetherness With A Home Swimming Pool

Getting the family together in a home swimming pool is a great way to spend time together.  You can specify your pool design and build to a size that suits you, whether it’s for a couple or an extended family.

Quality swimming pool designers and builders will help you to evaluate your pool space so that you can enjoy the benefits of the best pool design and style for your home. You can even repurpose your basement and create an amazing swimming pool space.

3) Enjoy The Relaxation Benefits Of A Luxury Swimming Pool

There’s no better relaxation environment than a luxury swimming pool that you can access within twenty seconds. Having your own indoor swimming pool is hassle free, stress free and comes with a wealth of relaxation benefits.

With reputable swimming pool builders, you can create the perfect tranquil home swimming pool for complete serenity and peace.

It’s not all about the indoor swimming pool though.  For the ultimate luxury experience, consider Starpool’s range of wellbeing suites, including spa pools, saunas, steam rooms and experience showers.

Your indoor swimming pool and wellness areas can be tailored to your relaxation needs so that you get the most value out of your home pool.

4) Host Parties In Your Home Swimming Pool

Everyone will have pool envy when you compile a guest list for your very own pool parties.  You could even make a neat profit out of leasing your luxury pool for others’ events.

Make the most of your luxury swimming pool parties by choosing from Starpool’s extensive range of colour evolution LED lights.  Create a stunning ambience with our long-lasting, low-voltage LEDs that minimise running costs without affecting quality.

We use the latest technology to create the highest-quality swimming pool effects.  Choose one colour to complement the colour of your pool room, or design your own shifting colour programme.

5) Children’s Entertainment In Your Home Swimming Pool

Think of long school holidays… having the grandchildren over to stay… weekends… what would the children love more than to play in the home swimming pool?

If it’s family appeal that you’re aiming for, Starpool are the pool designers for fun-filled water features, whether it’s a waterfalls, water walls or water jets.

6) Create An Endless Holiday Environment With An Indoor Pool

Always wishing you could be on holiday?  Make that wish a reality with your dream indoor pool.  It’s an investment, but once it’s done, it’s there for life.

That’s why Starpool take pride in your design process, working with you to complete a design that you’re more than happy with.  We’ll discuss all your pool and spa options with you so that you can consider all your pool options

7) Teach Your Children To Swim In Your Home Pool

You could take your children to pricey swimming lessons, or teach them in a crowded public pool…

Or you could teach them in the comfort of your own home pool, with all the space you could want.

Starpool will create a pool of your desired depth. Want a shallow end?  We’ll build one.  We’ll tailor your pool to the needs of your children for safety and so that they can learn to swim in the right environment.

8) Add Value To Your Home With An Indoor Swimming Pool

Obviously, when you invest in a luxury indoor swimming pool, you’re fulfilling a dream that will last for as long as you live in your home.  But should the time come that you decide to move house, your home pool can add serious value to your house.

Due to issues around upkeep and access to the pool causing safety issues for young children, 60% of a Country Life survey population would prefer an indoor swimming pool over an outdoor swimming pool. If house value is something that you’re particularly interested in, it may be worth thinking carefully about investing in an indoor pool instead of an outdoor pool.

Investing In A Luxury Pool

Perhaps the most important thing to think about when investing in a luxury indoor swimming pool is the main goals that you want it to achieve. Will it be for relaxing couples’ nights in? Will it be for family fun?  Will it be for parties and events?  Will it be to improve your fitness regime?

Here are just a few of the pool design features that you could think about:

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