Luxurious Swimming Pool with Water Features

9 Tips To Make Your Swimming Pool Luxurious

When designing your dream swimming pool, you really want to make it stand out and be the envy of your friends. Nothing makes a statement quite like a totally luxurious swimming pool.

So, what makes a pool luxurious? Here are a few guidelines and tips that will help you design a spectacular pool that will be a total design statement, and also give you years of enjoyment.

Invest In A Concrete Pool Shell Construction

If you want a luxurious indoor swimming pool you should not compromise on any element of the design or construction.

Building a home swimming pool is a sizeable investment, and you need to think carefully about the life and maintenance of your pool.

A concrete swimming pool shell is a sound investment as it has numerous advantages over cheaper alternatives, including:

  • Concrete is suitable for all climates. Ceramic or glass fibre shells just don’t do as well in the changeable British climate.  With cold winter snaps, a concrete pool will withstand the elements in any environment. Moreover, it will wear well in the summer, especially where the ground has high levels of sand or clay, which can quickly dry out in extended hot periods causing ground movement.

  • Multiple pool design options. With a concrete pool, you are free to create the perfect pool design, with varying depths, built-in steps, sunbathing ledges and any shape you set your heart on. This is a major advantage if you have an unusual space that you want to fit a pool into.

  • Take a deeper dive. Concrete pools allow you to really go deep if you want to. No more worrying about hitting your head diving into a shallow pool, as concrete pool shells enable you to go almost any depth.

  • Increase your property value. Due to its long life and low maintenance, a concrete pool shell will add value to your house. Unsurprisingly, cheaper shell constructions can actually hit your property value as the higher maintenance cost or even replacement is factored into your house price.
9 Tips To Make Your Swimming Pool Luxurious Starpool UK & IRE

Make Sure To Use The Best Pool Water

Nothing defines a pools’ beauty more than crystal clear water.
Choosing the best
pool filtration system, swimming pool hydraulics and quality water management system is crucial to achieving a healthy water quality. These systems guarantee safe water to swim in, as it will be free from potentially harmful bacteria and also enhance the effect of the tiles and lighting within the pool.

Modern pool filtration systems can ensure the water is safe enough to drink and with far lower chemical levels, therefore providing a more enjoyable swimming experience. Besides, they are more environmentally friendly.

To ensure premium-quality pool water, Starpool use Bayrol and Dryden Aqua water filtration systems.

Choose Exclusive Pool Mosaic Tiles

You can select the finest quality glass mosaics or porcelain tiles to set your swimming pool design apart from anything else that you have ever experienced.

Modern techniques enable you to choose bespoke blends and colours, or even replicate an image or family crest at the bottom of your pool, the ultimate statement in any luxury swimming pool.

Create a stunning effect with an elaborate underwater design. Unleash your creative side or get your interior designer to conjure up something personal to create a truly unique swimming pool tile design.

9 Tips To Make Your Swimming Pool Luxurious Starpool UK & IRE

Add Hi-Tech LED Lighting

The latest LED lighting products help to create a fabulous ambience to your luxurious swimming pool. Long gone are the days of harsh white light (that cost the earth to run).

Modern systems use low voltage LED lighting to reduce running costs and increase life of the fitting. They also use the latest colour changing technology and can be controlled remotely to change to up to 11 different colours.

If you enjoy a party, the lights can be synchronised with your music to make your pool come to life with the disco beat.

Add Spa Features To Create Your Own Wellness Centre

A great addition to any luxurious pool room is a wellness spa area. Enhance your luxurious swimming pool by adding a spa pool, a sauna or a steam room and create your ideal home spa wellness centre.

Spas can be built in circular or square designs and tiled and lit to complement your main pool design. Consider a full glass-fronted steam and sauna room with personalised spa design and specifications to suit your new luxurious pool environment. Options can include:

  • Curved mosaic seating for steam rooms
  • Bespoke and curved benches from a range of woods in sauna rooms
  • Built-in music systems
  • LED lighting and under-seat lighting
  • Aromatherapy essences
  • Remote controls
9 Tips To Make Your Swimming Pool Luxurious Starpool UK & IRE

Install An Experience Shower 

An experience shower can take an everyday experience to a whole new level. You can stimulate your senses before or after your swim with effects such as tropical rain, mist, monsoon and cold waterfalls.  

Create a multi-sensory experience by introducing music, lighting and aromas to take your luxury swimming pool to new heights.

Add Water Features

Personalise your stunning new luxury swimming pool with additional features:

  • Waterfalls. You can create incredible waterfall features, bringing the sound of running water to your pool and adding a calming effect to the environment. It can also help disguise unwanted noises such as traffic or people outside your property. From contemporary stainless-steel fittings to mock rock formations, you can choose the water feature that best matches your luxury pool design.
  • Water walls. Combine the waterfall idea with a striking full floor to ceiling water wall for an incredible visual effect. Contrast this feature with black marble or granite to create an astonishing ambience.
  • Laminar water jets. Laminar jets add dramatic sights to your swimming pool by creating uniform arcs of water that are crystal clear by day and vibrantly coloured by night. This elegant and dramatic effect brings an element of style and sophistication to any luxurious swimming pool design.

Build A Textured Wall

A textured wall can provide an outstanding visual feature to your pool room. There are plenty of design options, you can accent waves or create a rugged outdoor look.

With creative lighting, your feature wall can add real interest and distinction to your pool room.

Create An Infinity Pool

If you are lucky enough to have an amazing view from your property, then why not invest in an infinity pool
Infinity swimming pools create the magical effect that your pool continues out into the distance and the horizon blends into your living space.

Perhaps the ultimate in luxury swimming pools, an infinity pool is a stylish pool with a world-class view all rolled into one.

9 Tips To Make Your Swimming Pool Luxurious Starpool UK & IRE

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