Bayrol Dosing Systems

Bayrol Dosing Systems: Your Luxury Pool Water Treatment and Management Explained

Swimming pools come with the risk of high bacteria levels and chemical infections.

This risk is usually counteracted by chlorine, the only disinfectant that kills bacteria quickly. But chlorine doesn’t destroy bacteria in biofilms or bacterial flocs.  It also forms toxic by-products, especially when bacteria pass from water into the air.

Even with chlorine treatment, bacteria spreads widely on surfaces in contact with pool water: walls, pipework, floor tiling and sand filters.  Bacteria forms biofilms to protect itself from chlorine, and continues to spread, causing eye and lung irritation, as well as the chlorine smell in most pools.

This is why premium pool filtration is so important in the prevention of disease transmission.

Premium quality pool water relies on four factors:

  1. Pool hydraulics
  2. Flocculation and filtration
  3. Oxidation and pH control
  4. Fresh water

Coming up, we’ll explain how Starpool ensure that swimming pools are filled with the healthiest water, powered by the effective Bayrol dosing system to fulfil these four factors.

Water Management: Bayrol Dosing System

Starpool provides optimum water management through Bayrol Pool Manager Pro.  With this dosing system, you can enjoy sparkling, clear pool water at all times; the quality of your pool water will equal the quality of drinking water.

Use the app for remote access to the water system and to regulate your pool from anywhere at any time, simply using your phone, tablet, or any other internet-enabled device.

Bayrol Dosing Systems: Your Luxury Pool Water Treatment and Management Explained Starpool UK & IRE

Bayrol Dosing System App Features and Functions:

  • Upper and lower measuring value alarms
  • Flow monitoring
  • Level warnings and level alarms (canister level)
  • Dosage monitoring (monitoring for when setpoint is approached)
  • Battery alarm (buffer battery for the real-time clock)
  • Start delay after turning on the PoolManager® or after turning on the circulation
  • Automatic blocking of dosage in critical alarm states and during start delay
  • Alarm indication on screen display
  • Acoustic alarm (can be disabled)
  • Alarm relay
  • Continuous monitoring of correct programme operation
  • Automatic reset in the event of an error

Here at Starpool, we integrate Bayrol dosing systems into our pool design and build strategy to ensure the highest quality swimming pools. Bayrol dosing systems are well-established in Europe and are recognised as the number one water filtration systems.

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