Dryden Aqua Water Systems

Dryden Aqua Water Systems: Your Luxury Pool Water Treatment and Management Explained

If you’re investing in a luxury swimming pool, it’s vital that your indoor pool is installed with technology that will prevent the harmful spread of bacteria and infection.

While chlorine is typically used to protect against bacteria, chlorine isn’t effective enough in biofilms or bacterial flocs.  Even with chlorine-treated water, bacteria rapidly multiply across the surfaces of a pool and forms toxic by-products when it comes into contact with the air.

Did you know that the chlorine smell in public swimming pools is actually the smell of chemical compounds formed between chlorine, perspiration and urine?

With Starpool’s Dryden Aqua Water Systems, you won’t have to worry about the transmission of bacteria and infection. Our premium pool filtration guarantees drinking water quality pool water.

The Dryden Aqua Water Systems

Starpool use Dryden Aqua’s DAISY-integrated water systems to prevent the growth of pathogens in your swimming pool water, reduce the cost of your pool water and remove any toxic by-products of chlorine.

Dryden Aqua provide the best quality pool water on the market. Benefits of Dryden Aqua include:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Economic benefit
  • Specialist input from marine biologists
  • Health benefits of pool water
Dryden Aqua Water Systems: Your Luxury Pool Water Treatment and Management Explained Starpool UK & IRE

DAISY water treatment systems are the only integrated system in which all components work together to provide a water treatment process of utmost efficiency. These systems comprise three features:

  1. AFM filtration – Bio-resistant filter media that never needs to be replaced.
  2. Coagulation and Flocculation with APF and ZPM – Technology that enables sub-micron filtration of bacteria to ensure that pool water is safe for usage.
  3. ACO – An eco-friendly liquid that boosts the natural power of the sun and protects chlorine against UV.

Starpool use Bayrol dosing water systems in the design and build of our luxury pools projects.
Make sure you are offering a healthy swimming pool experience for your family, friends or guests.
Contact us and learn how can help you guarantee the best swimming pool water quality.

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