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Five Star Bedroom Spa: Luxury Hotel Experience

“The five-star private bedroom spa by Starpool is the latest concept in hotel wellness design that brings modernisation and beauty to the most ancient spa rituals”

Inspired by luxury living, the private spa suites offer unique relaxation experience for body and mind that goes well beyond customers’ expectations in terms of functionality and design.

Awarded with the ‘Best of the Best’ by Reddot Design Award, the iconic Starpool’s SweetCollection combines high technology and style for a tailor-made environment dedicated to wellness.

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The SweetSpa Collection

The SweetSpa is designed exclusively for luxury hotels that aim to offer only the highest standard spa experience to their guests. That is why we’ve incorporated our new sp.a_system to the SweetSpa, where your guests can choose from 4 wellness paths for 4 wellness goals.

The sp.a_system

How it works: The sp.a_system helps the user by informing him/her on times and conditions of use of each spa facility. Just choose your goal from one of the four wellness bracelets (relax, tonic, purify, excite), put the bracelet on and follow the guidelines. The facilities in the SweetSpa are marked with a wellness sign that matches the ones displayed on your bracelet, so all you need to do is follow the wellness path and enjoy the private spa experience.

Also, for those of your clients that are jet-lagged or looking for a stress relief solution, the SweetSpa bedroom spa setting provides another luxury facility, designed exclusively for body and mind regeneration – Zerobody.

Zerobody Zero Gravity Floating Experience
The Zerobody Floating Experience

Zerobody is a dry floatation cloud for deep relaxation and enhancement of sleep duration and quality. The Zerobody cloud is at the forefront of wellness technology, providing multiple health benefits such as muscle and joint pain reduction; improvement of memory capacity and skills; reduction of chronic insomnia and headaches. 

How it works: During the floating experience, your body causes to regulate its temperature and gravitational alignment – two activities that alone absorb 90% of our resources. Once on the Zerobody cloud, your body is free to use the extra energy for quicker muscle and jet lag recovery and reduction of mental pressure. All you need to do is lie down and enjoy the ultimate body and mind recovery booster.

In combination, Starpool’s new sp.a_system and Zerobody Relax make the SweetSpa unique wellness concept that brings the spa relaxation to the next level of five-star luxury.

Contact us to and learn how Starpool can help making you hotel experience unforgettable!

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