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How Much Does An Indoor Swimming Pool Cost?

When potential pool owners contact us about designing and building indoor swimming pools, one of the first questions they ask is:

How much does an indoor swimming pool cost?

This is a very difficult question to answer, as no two swimming pools are the same. All of our pools are bespoke, so the cost of building a swimming pool can vary considerably.

In this blog post, we will detail the different options for indoor swimming pools, and how these can affect the overall indoor pool cost.

Generally, standard pools are constructed as steel-reinforced concrete pool shells and are fully equipped with:

  • ABS white pool shell fittings and skimmers
  • Mid-range white LED swimming pool lights
  • Glass mosaic pool tiles at £50 per metre squared
  • A standard filtration system
  • A heat and ventilation system
  • An automatic pool cover

With so many options available, pool price ranges can differ hugely.

At the simplest level, a standard specification (10m x 5m x 1.4m) indoor swimming pool cost in the UK starts at around £125,000, plus VAT. These are typically skimmer pools. 

Deck Level pools cost an additional £20,000 (approximate). You can read more about all the different swimming pool types here.

Picking the right indoor pool

Just as a Range Rover can cost anything from £80,000 – £140,000 depending on the extras added to the buyer’s package, swimming pools are tailored to your individual needs depending on the add-ons that you specify.

People often upgrade their cars when they find that they haven’t got what they wanted the first time around.  You don’t want to be in this situation with an indoor pool.  You’re going to see your pool (and hopefully use it) every day, so it needs to be designed to your taste from the beginning.

Picking the right pool design is critical to ensure maximum enjoyment with minimum maintenance.  Most purchasers elect to invest in the pool that will make them happiest in the long-run.

Unfortunately, some purchasers only focus on the initial price of the pool and find the cheapest contractor to work with.  This decision comes with sacrifices, causing the purchaser to miss out on:


We’ve seen the ‘just using the lowest price’ scenario often enough to recognise the inevitable regret when a buyer ends up dissatisfied with their swimming pool, and unlike a vehicle, it can’t be upgraded easily.

Indoor swimming pool installation costs

When we are asked about costs, the extent of installation is always a key point.

At Starpool we prefer to carry out the entire swimming pool installation process for all our customers; we are highly experienced in offering complete turn-key solutions.

However, in certain situations where a pool is being constructed as part of a new house build, it may be beneficial for the main contractor to construct the pool shell alongside the walls and floors.

Bespoke luxurious swimming pool features

The below add-ons can be combined to construct an indoor pool that is perfect for you.

The Starpool App comes with no additional cost to your pool design and implementation.
Use the app to monitor your pool water quality, pool temperature and pool balance, as well as schedule automatic washes for weekends and evenings.
The app can be used to monitor both swimming pools and spa pools.

Your luxury swimming pool is a long-term investment that you want to last, so ensure you research these options carefully before making your final design decisions.

Learn expert tips and much more with our free guide on designing the perfect indoor pool.

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