Design A Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool

How To Design A Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool

Looking to build a luxury indoor swimming pool?  This exciting new feature will become the focal point of your home, your evenings in, and your celebrations.

That’s why it’s vital that your luxury pool and wellness area are designed in detail – our precise designs ensure that your indoor swimming pool meets your individual needs and facilitates the best pool experiences for you, your friends and family.

Lots of research is required to plan and design your indoor swimming pool.  It’s important that you’re certain about which facilities and layout you need, so that you’re happy with your design for years to come. This blog post will help you to make those decisions and answer questions that perhaps you haven’t thought about yet.

There are many factors that come into play when designing and constructing an indoor swimming pool: size, pool shell construction, wellness facilities, and pool room design to name a few.

Here are a few of the things you need to consider when designing a home swimming pool.

1)Define The Goal Of Your Pool

What made you decide to invest in a luxury swimming pool?

If you can identify exactly what it is that you want your pool to achieve, we will be able to meet your individual needs and help you to design your ideal swimming pool.

The goal of your pool will affect everything from the shape, to the size, to the style of your luxury swimming pool. Making design decisions is important; your choices enable our process of building the most luxurious pool you can imagine.

Most of our customers invest in an indoor pool for one of three reasons: exercise, entertainment or experience.


Luxury swimming pools can be designed for aerobics or to swim laps. Pools need to be either square or rectangular shaped to allow users to swim back and forth, with plenty of space to swim in straight lines.

For those who want a dual-purpose pool to swim and relax in, open swim lanes facilitate flexibility.  Open swim lanes need to be straight, so they are not suited to curved or kidney-shaped pools.


Indoor swimming pools can be designed for catching up with friends and family, hosting get-togethers and celebrating.  They are also ideal for pool games and children’s play, in which case you may need to think about the ideal depth of your pool, and whether you could benefit from a shallow end.

Shallow areas can be segregated from the main pool or incorporated into the main pool through a walk-in design.  It’s important to decide whether you need a shallow area before designing your luxury swimming pool, as this can affect the shape of your pool.


Luxury swimming pools are most often designed to unwind and relax.  Style is a key focus; you might want a particular shape for your pool design, or a certain tiling.  You may even decide to invest in a wellness area to develop your relaxation space and accompany your indoor pool.

2)Decide Which Pool Type You Need

The type of pool that you choose will form the basis of your pool design.  Remember that your audience footprint plays a direct role in the size, style and shape of swimming pool that can be placed in your environment.  We offer three main types of luxury swimming pool:

Skimmer Pools

Skimmer pools include a pool surround that is higher than the water level by approximately 75-150mm. This distance is called the freeboard. Skimmers are positioned at intervals along the top of the pool walls; the pool water is filtered and cleaned via these skimmers.

Deck Level Swimming Pools

The pool water is level with the pool surround.  Water is continuously displaced over the edge of the pool into a transfer channel around the perimeter of the pool.  Once displaced, the water is collected in a balance tank and returned to the filtration plant.

Infinity Edge Pools

Also known as reflecting pools, these pools are designed with an illusion edge that water cascades over, creating a visual effect of the pool having no end.  The water seems to merge into the horizon, or into a larger body of water, like the ocean.  These premium pools are ideal for the most luxurious of settings.

3)Select Your Swimming Pool Features

Once you’ve decided on your pool type, you’re ready to personalise your luxury swimming pool with our wide range of indoor swimming pool features.  These will need to be suitable for your size and style of pool.  Options include

LED Lighting

Our standard white LED pool lights create a clean, pure atmosphere in your luxury pool room.  However, you can upgrade to colour pool lights if you’re aiming for a particular mood.  We can set the pool lights to your chosen colour or create a programme of shifting colour spectrums for a particularly luxurious ambience.


We offer an array of stylish tiling options for any luxurious pool environment to cater to your taste and needs.  Use our tiling options to personalise your pool and wellness setting.

Pool Covers

The surface of the pool water loses the most heat.  To overcome this, our automatic swimming pool covers are integrated into our pool designs; the covers reduce heat loss by reducing evaporation, resulting in significant heat loss savings.

There are two main pool cover types:

  • Slatted Pool Covers: Slatted pool covers float on the surface of the water. They are buoyant and flexible enough to be pushed over the water surface by an electric roller, which is situated at one end of the pool.
  • Safety Pool Covers: Safety pool covers are designed to prevent children from falling into the water. They support the weight of children in the case of pool accidents, improving pool protection.
Fixtures and Fittings

Premium specification indoor pools are always fitted with acid-resistant stainless steel fittings and skimmers, manufactured from 316L stainless steel.

Water Features

Our water feature options spread across a wide span.  One of the most popular is the water cannon (see above photo); jets are fitted at the pool edge and used to spray water into concentrated areas of the pool.  These are particularly popular with children.

Swim jets, also known as counter current jets, are popular too.  Swim jets recreate the experience of swimming against a tide of water by projecting a jet of water from the pool wall and creating a force of water for you to swim against.  These are particularly ideal for smaller pools, as swim jets allow you to swim in one position, meaning that you don’t need a whole pool lane.

Touch Button Control

In today’s high-tech environment, technology is becoming increasingly pivotal to our day-to-day activities.  We provide our indoor swimming pool clients with bespoke automation systems, from which clients can control water temperature and pool features from anywhere, even if they are not within access of the pool plant room.

Heat and Ventilation Systems

To keep air and humidity levels constant, the design of your pool room and heat and ventilation system is essential.  The system must be designed to facilitate warm airflow around the pool room and the extraction of saturated air, though the levels depend on whether or not the swimming pool is in use.

To achieve this, a ducted air system is implemented either under the floor or in the ceiling void (or occasionally in both).  As the image above shows, heat and ventilation units are installed in the plant room and connected to the ducted air system.

Pool Filtration Systems

Your home swimming pool will only be as good as the quality of the water that you swim in.  To ensure premium quality water, our pools come with premium pool water filtration systems and drinking-water quality pool water.

Starpool uses Bayrol and Dryden Aqua filtration systems to ensure that your pool water is premium quality.

4)Choose Your Wellness Facilities

So, you’ve designed your indoor swimming pool, but have you designed the wellness and relaxation space around it?

Your pool setting can be designed as simplistically as you require, though in this era of individuality, many premium pool projects include saunas, spa pools and steam rooms, all individually built to size and specification.

Starpool is able to implement any of these to develop and expand your wellness facilities for improved relaxation.

We offer a range of sauna designs and sizes. Made from high-grade softwoods, with wooden or full glass fronts, it will transform your environment into a calming wellness space.

The spa pools are constructed using stainless steel, acrylic or concrete shells. Skimmer or deck level designs are available, as well as a range of eye-catching mosaic tiling options to match or complement your luxury pool.

Our steam rooms come in a variety of sizes and shapes. We offer LED mood lighting, music, aromatherapy essences, full glass front doors and a range of tiling options to create the most tranquil environments.

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