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Key Steps When Considering a Luxury Indoor Pool

It’s time to design your dream luxury indoor pool. What should be the key steps when considering an indoor pool? Think shape, colours, depth, finishes, the style of your steps.

Will they offer the simplicity of ease or a glamorous focal point for your pool room?

You’ll need to design the pool environment, pool plant room, pipework design and environmental design. Then there are your tiling options.

Collate Your Architect’s Plans

An architect will need to formalise your swimming pool design ideas, drawing them into precise plans that can be followed and implemented by a contractor.

Your architect will advise you as to how your design can best be adapted for a secure construction and produce detailed drawings, 3D modelling and measurements to form a plan for your luxury indoor pool. They will negotiate with your contractor and make site visits to ensure they remain up to date on the progress of your luxury pool.

Finalise The Specification For Your Indoor Pool

You will need to collaborate with a specialist pool contractor during the specification stage of your luxury pool installation. There are a number of key decisions that must be considered in the planning stage to ensure a successful outcome for your pool build.

When finalising your specification, consider

  • How often the pool will be used, and by how many people.
  • Whether you would like to include a wellness area.
  • Whether the pool will be used for leisure, fitness, or both.
  • Whether your ideal depth is consistent (maybe for pool games), or whether you need a shallow end (perhaps for children).
  • Whether you would like walk-in steps that stretch across an entire pool width or less space-consuming steps.
  • Whether you need an automatic cover; these require at least one end of the pool to be a square shape.
  • Your ideal pool size. Popular sizes are 10m x 5m, or 12m x 6m, with a constant depth of 1.4m or shallow and deep ends of 1m and 1.6m respectively.
  • Whether you would like a dedicated air handling unit or a unit that combines water and air temperature. These units can heat from a boiler, air source heat pump or ground source heating. Using a boiler is typically initially lower-cost, but running costs are greater.
  • Whether you would like an overflow pool or a traditional skimmer pool with a 75-150mm gap between the water and top pool edge.
  • Whether you would like to manage the condition of the water using an automated dosing system.
  • Whether you would like chlorine or non-chlorine system.
Confirm Costs

Every luxury pool project is different, meaning that the cost for each pool is also different. Prices vary depending on the size and style of your pool and any work required to modify the building, as well as heating and dehumidifying equipment.

It is often costlier to install a pool in an existing building than it is to install a pool as part of the construction process for a new building. This is because the building will need to be underpinned if the pool will be near to any supporting walls. As the pool will be installed as a complete shell, access will need to be available for at least the size of the pool cross-profile.

Luxury pool prices increase based on the styles and extras that you specify. These might include:

Choose Your Pool Contractor

When you choose a pool contractor, ensure you choose an experienced company that works with top designers, tech suppliers and artisan material suppliers to produce the highest-quality pools.

At Starpool, we pride ourselves on tailoring each project to our customers’ needs and installing premium pools that you thought you could only dream of. We’ll support your design needs through every stage of the procedure and advise you accordingly during progress.

Produce And Confirm Your Pool Draft Design

Once you have confirmed the draft design with your pool contractor, you’re ready to start pool construction. 

Starpool will ensure that you’re happy with every decision before going ahead with the installation. 
Our pool construction processes are thorough and quality-focused; we look forward to bringing your pool designs to life for you, your family and your friends.

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