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How To Build A Luxury Spa At Home: The Ultimate Guide

Creating your own luxury home spa space at the comfort of your house is the latest trend in wellness. 

Gone are the days where just an indoor swimming pool would be considered a fitness and wellness space. Nowadays, there are so many possibilities to create the ideal place to relax, detox and be pampered – your very own spa at home.

What Is A Luxury Home Spa?

A home spa is a spa room designed to relieve tension, provide a calming and rejuvenating environment and wellness benefits. It’s a place where you and your family can enjoy quality time relaxing and giving your body the best spa treatments. 

It consists of a range of facilities, from the steam room, sauna, warm bath, sensory shower through to the indoor pool and spa pool. Together they provide a complete wellness experience that supports both fitness and relaxation purposes.

A luxury home spa can recreate the wellness space offered in hotels or spa studios, with the advantage of being designed and built according to your desires and requirements. Besides, you won’t have to share with anyone else if you don’t want to.

How To Build A Luxury Spa At Home: The Ultimate Guide Starpool UK & IRE

Luxury Home Spa Benefits

If you are looking for a way to commit to your health and wellbeing, creating a home spa room can be the perfect solution. Saunas, steam rooms, hammams, spa pools and experience showers can play a significant role in improving mental and physical health. 

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when building your private spa: 


More and more people find themselves living in stressful routines, which have a significant impact on their work and performance. A staggering 46% of the working days lost in the past year in the UK are due to stress, depression or anxiety. Having your own calming space to come home to is an excellent way to decompress and get your cortisol level back on its place.

Reduce pain and aches

After practising high impact sports or working an entire day either sitting at a desk or being on your feet, it is quite usual to experience parts of your body aching and sore muscles. A home spa treatment, such as a steam room session, can help to decrease joint and muscle pains and aches, providing a relaxing sensation and helping the muscles recover properly.

Improve Sleep

Being able to disconnect from the digital world before going to sleep is a real challenge and directly impacts the chances of having a good nights sleep. A luxury home spa can be your calming sanctuary, where you can go to relax, unwind and let all the noise and trouble in the outside. Once more relaxed and disconnected, your sleep quality will improve.

Keep Safe

Avoiding public or shared spaces has become the new normal. Going to a sauna, steam room or spa venue has become everything but relaxing (if possible at all). Heading to your home spa avoid all these issues and enables you to truly relax as you won’t have to worry about who’s been there before and if it was adequately cleaned for you.

Save Time (And Have More Spa Days)

Who has time to do it all? A private spa at home can save many hours of research on spa venues and the trips to them. Being just a room away (and maybe a few stairs), you will manage to fit many more spa sessions in your schedule than you could ever think of. With a home spa, every day can be a spa day.

Now that you know what you can get from a home spa experience, let’s go over the main points on how to build a spa and some home spa ideas:

Home Spa Space

There’s no need for a massive space to build a spa at home. With the late technologies, functional and smart spaces can be adapted and a sauna or steam room can fit into just three square meters

However, you do need to define the exact amount of space you have available for it.
You may decide to use your basement space to build it, an enclosed patio, a room or large bathroom or even expand an area of your house.

Once you have measured and know how much space you have, you can decide which spa amenities you would like to feature in your home spa (more on spa equipment further on).

It is also important to make sure the selected area is safe and can be prepared to have a wet area installed (a steam room or a spa pool, for example).

Spa Design

The look and feel are an essential part of the spa design and build process. Whether you prefer a traditional, vintage style or a more modern, contemporary approach, your design preference will set the tone for your entire wellness area. 

Combining different materials, like the sauna wood, the steam room natural stone and the sensory shower high-end finishing can create an exciting visual aesthetic.

Regardless of the preferred style, the ideal environment for a spa is calm. Therefore you should consider combinations that create the desired relaxing effect. 

Go for more neutral, pastel tones for the main colours, and also keep the tile floor and walls to a calming tone.

Colours have the power to affect the wellbeing, so choosing relaxing colours likes blues rather than stimulating colours like reds will help to create a soothing place. 

Lighting also helps to create the spa mood, try to use as much natural light as possible by adding windows or skylights.

Consider spa zoning: the creation of spa zones, where specific areas are designated for different spa treatments and purposes. In that way, you create a natural flow within your spa space and make the most of it. 

For example, you may allocate the spa pool and the experience shower near the swimming pool, as they are all water-based facilities.

How To Build A Luxury Spa At Home: The Ultimate Guide Starpool UK & IRE

Home Spa Equipment

Once you have settled on your available space and the aesthetics you want to go for, it’s time to bring it all together with the spa equipment. Depending on the area, you can go from a small sauna to a complete setting of wellness equipment. 

There is a wide range of spa facilities to choose from depending on your spa goals:


Traditional wooden saunas, Finnish saunas and Infrared saunas. The high temperature and low humidity of saunas make the body go through intense sweating, eliminating toxins, decreasing stress and relaxing the mind.

How To Build A Luxury Spa At Home: The Ultimate Guide Starpool UK & IRE

Steam Rooms

Steam baths create a high level of humidity through the moist released from steam generators, improving circulation, sleeping disorders and poor breathing conditions.

How To Build A Luxury Spa At Home: The Ultimate Guide Starpool UK & IRE

Warm Baths

Mediterranean baths have milder temperatures and humidity rates, stimulating gradual and constant sweating. It helps with the release of toxins in the skin and an overall feeling of relaxation.

How To Build A Luxury Spa At Home: The Ultimate Guide Starpool UK & IRE

Ice Rooms

Ice rooms offer a cold environment with finely crushed ice. They create the perfect body reaction to be experienced after a hot ambience.

How To Build A Luxury Spa At Home: The Ultimate Guide Starpool UK & IRE

Spa Pools

Spa pools are a great addition to the pool experience and can be created with bespoke designs that complement the swimming pool design. 

How To Build A Luxury Spa At Home: The Ultimate Guide Starpool UK & IRE

Spa Features

Additional luxury spa features can enhance the home spa space. Sensory showers with colours and scents, waterfalls and water walls to transform the pool area and relax loungers to enjoy the sensations obtained with the spa treatments.

With the right lights, cosmetics and music, custom wellness experiences can be created to meet specific needs.

If you can spare a small space to turn into storage for your spa accessories, such as towels and robes, the better.

Bonus Idea: The Dry Floating Bed

If body and mind regeneration is one of the goals of your dream home spa, then also consider a dry floatation bed

Dry floatation beds allow the body to fluctuate in zero gravity and enter a complete relaxation mode. Once the body gets into a floating state, it improves the endorphin production, creating a pleasant sensation in just a few minutes. 

Moreover, it can be used after a spa treatment, making it even more enjoyable.

How To Build A Luxury Spa At Home: The Ultimate Guide Starpool UK & IRE


Creating a home spa is a significant decision and requires careful and precise planning and design. 

It increases your home beauty and value and provides a private relaxation experience anytime you’d like. Your home spa will give you a chance to share unique moments with family and friends at the comfort and safety of your home.

There is no one size fits all solution, as each project must attend to different needs and specifications.

A knowledgeable consultant can help a long way, avoiding future problems and providing a wealth of expertise in the entire spa design and build process.

Ready To Create Your Own Luxury Home Spa?

At Starpool, we combine ancient traditions, experience and modern technology to create stunning bespoke solutions to every home spa idea. 

Contact us to learn how we can design and build your dream home spa so you can enjoy the ultimate vitality experience. We offer a free consultation.

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