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5 Reasons You Should Invest In An Outdoor Sauna

Saunas are a great resource to keep body and mind healthy. A vital part of the traditional Finnish culture, indoor and outdoor saunas are now widely used all over the world for their health benefits. They can be a great way to end a busy day, recover from exercise or spend some quality leisure time just relaxing.

A luxury sauna cabin can be a great addition to your property, especially during these unprecedented times, where remaining in private safe spaces is the best choice and avoiding public places is highly recommended.

If you are considering building your very own sauna room, an outdoor sauna – also known as exterior or backyard sauna – can be the perfect solution and a valuable addition to your home.

Here are our top five reasons why you should consider building a luxury outdoor sauna:

Outdoor saunas have more sizing options available

Not every house has the appropriate space, room size or venting requirements to accommodate a sauna inside it, particularly if you are looking for a large size sauna model. 

Choosing an outdoor sauna will quickly solve these problems, as the desired bespoke sauna size can be custom designed to be integrated into a part of your garden or backyard space while considering the number of people you would like to comfortably fit.

5 Reasons You Should Invest In An Outdoor Sauna Starpool UK & IRE

Improve your pool area and increase the pool season

Outdoor saunas are versatile, and can be designed and built to be used along with a pool house, upgrading your pool area to a complete luxury wellness space. 

They can also help extend your swimming pool usage – as saunas are enjoyed all year round, you will be able to use your pool to cool down and regulate your body temperature after a sauna session, concluding your wellness care.

Enjoy privacy and calmness apart from the house

An indoor sauna can offer the practicality of not having to leave the house to enter it, however being in the same building can mean not being able to disconnect from whatever goes on inside the house. 

The outdoor sauna can provide the chance to appreciate the quiet and peaceful time away from the usual noise that goes on within homes while enjoying the advantage of the calming eye-candy view of nature.

Decrease stress and improve your mood by reconnecting with nature

Outdoor saunas can provide a more authentic experience when compared to the indoors and in addition offer all benefits of being in contact with nature. 

It is known that doing activities surrounded by nature have beneficial effects on the body, helping reduce stress, anxiety and boosting the mood and focus. Outdoor saunas are a great way to create a relaxing environment to reconnect with nature. 

Whether the sauna is installed in a property with a small backyard or in a country house by a lake or the sea, the possibility to be surrounded by a small portion of green already has a very positive effect on the body and wellbeing.

5 Reasons You Should Invest In An Outdoor Sauna Starpool UK & IRE

Save time and money and increase your house value

Adding an outdoor sauna to your home will make your backyard feel more like a personal spa space than just a regular outdoor area. 

Besides the health benefits, an outdoor sauna can prevent you from spending with club memberships and save you precious time wasted on driving to a sauna, as your very own will be just a few steps away.

When carefully built with quality design and materials, outdoor saunas will increase the value of the property.

Designing an outdoor sauna with experienced contractors is vital to guarantee your sauna will be built in the best conditions to last for years to come and secure the added value to the property.


Outdoor saunas can offer many advantages compared to indoor saunas, plus the mind and body benefits all saunas provide. 

They can be designed and built to become your own private wellness path to a healthier lifestyle, where you can temporarily disconnect from the rest of the world and enjoy a relaxing time in a soothing environment with family, friends or by yourself.

Ready to create your own wellbeing haven?

The Starpool team has over 40 years of experience in creating bespoke wellness areas. Our luxury spa products help you experience healthy living and enjoy your property spaces at its best. 

We apply an exclusive construction system to our saunas that rely on innovative green technology, making them environmentally friendly and reducing its energy consumption.

The wood we use in our wooden saunas is 100% natural and we offer cleaning products that are pure and free from chemicals and won’t harm your health.

Discover Starpool’s wide range of luxury saunas and how we can help you create your home outdoor sauna! We offer a free consultation.

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