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Understanding Swimming Pool Hydraulics, Flocculation And Filtration

If you’re investing in a luxury indoor pool, it’s important that your pool water is of a high quality and that bacteria is eliminated. Starpool achieve this through world-leading pool hydraulics, flocculation and filtration systems from Bayrol and Dryden Aqua.

Here’s the science behind the Bayrol and Dryden Aqua filtration systems that Starpool use to guarantee drinking water quality water for your luxury indoor pool.

Understanding Swimming Pool Hydraulics, Flocculation And Filtration Starpool UK & IRE

Pool Hydraulics

Pool hydraulics improve your water circulation, which in turn improves your pool filtration and, as a result, the quality of your indoor swimming pool water.

Your turnover of pool water should be within around 4-6 hours, and the water should be turned over approximately three times a day. Multiple turnovers are necessary because your pool water won’t all be filtered in one cycle.

During the first turnover, 40% of your pool water should be filtered.  By the second, 80% should be filtered.  95% of the water should have been filtered by the third turnover, and 99% by the fourth.

There must be enough inlet returns to ensure that the entire pool is refreshed with filtered water.  If the hydraulics of the pool are incorrect, the water cleanliness won’t improve.

Key terms

Turnover of pool water – The amount of time needed for all water to pass through the pool filtration system.

Flocculation and Filtration

Key Terms

Flocculation – A chemical process in which colloids come out of suspension in the form of flakes.

AFM – Atomic Force Microscopy: high-resolution scanning.

To achieve the finest pool filtration performance, Starpool use bio-resistant filter media AFM, which is officially recognised by international bodies as the world-leading water filter media.

AFM media is supported by a dedicated flocculation and coagulation process using APF and ZPM.

Oxidation and pH control

Starpool disinfect pool water using an oxidation process that releases free radicals.  We use miniscule quantities of chlorine for residual disinfection. There will be less chlorine in your swimming pool than there is in your drinking water.

If you would like more information about how Starpool can implement water management and pool filtration systems to maintain perfect pool water for you, sign up for a free pool consultation.

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