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Is Your Swimming Pool Water Bacteria Free?

Swimming pools are great for fun, relaxation and exercise. But they are also the ideal environment for bacterial growth that can affect your health.

When not properly treated, swimming pool water is the perfect environment for parasites and bacteria to thrive.
Whether you have a private home pool used by your family or a large commercial pool for your clients, it is indispensable to ensure that your swimming pool water is clean and safe for its users.

What’s the best solution for a safe pool water?

A reliable water filtration treatment.

What is a swimming pool water filtration treatment?

A water filtration treatment is a system where particles, pollutants, impurities and bacteria are retained and removed through a physical barrier of granular materials (such as sand filters) or through a chemical filtration (such as activated carbon). It is a common treatment used along with chlorine treatment for water disinfection.

The disadvantages of chlorine treatment:

Chlorine usage is a highly popular water treatment approach because it is the only disinfectant that can kill bacteria quickly. But did you know that It will kill most bacteria in the water but not bacteria inside biofilms or in bacteria flock?  

Chlorine forms disinfection by-products which are toxic, especially when they become volatile and are passed from the water into the air.

The disadvantages of sand filters:

Bacteria stick and grow on all surfaces in contact with water. Like the pool walls and pipework, but most of all, on the sand in the sand filters, as this is the largest surface in contact with the water. 

Once the bacteria stick on the surface it forms biofilms with jelly covering that protects them from chlorine. Therefore, the bacteria will grow inside the biofilm and even high concentration of chlorine cannot kill them.

Is Your Swimming Pool Water Bacteria Free? Starpool UK & IRE
The best solution: the Daisy® system

The Daisy system is an award-winning water filtration system that offers the best solution for preventing bacteria and parasites growth in your swimming pool water. 

This innovative and eco-friendly solution avoids significant pool problems, such as the risk of infections, the toxic air conditions and chlorine smell, and even the increase in maintenance costs. 

By acting directly at the source of the problem, Daisy system removes the need for chemical disinfectants and enhances the water clarity, lowering the cost of water treatment.

How does it work? 

Daisy’s AFM® – Activated Filter Media, a direct replacement for sand made from a specific glass –  is fully resistant to biofouling, therefore bacteria have no substrate on which they can grow and multiply.

Mechanical filtration alone cannot remove most nutrients for bacteria. The advanced coagulation of Daisy system, flocculation and filtration process removes nutrients from the water so bacteria cannot grow.

Daisy can filter all particles down to 0.1 micron, reducing chlorine demand and the formation of harmful disinfection by-products to the lowest level possible.

Daisy unique benefits:
  • Bacterial growth prevention
  • Extraordinary water clarity
  • Highly stable filtration performance
  • Harmful disinfection by-products formation prevention
  • Heavy metals, organic matter and microplastics removal
  • Water and energy savings

The result is a swimming pool with a healthy swimming condition that’s consistently clean in a safe, efficient and sustainable way!

Make sure you are offering the best and safest pool experience for your family, friends and guests.

At Starpool, our luxury pool projects use swimming pool water that contains chlorine levels comparable to your drinking water! 

We are the largest approved installers of Daisy® in the UK.

Contact us to learn how you can guarantee a healthy and safe swimming experience. 

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