Ten Top Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool Designs

Luxury Swimming Pool Design & Build

We’re all about swimming pool design at Luxury Pool Sauna Spa.  Maybe you’ve got your own pool design ideas, or maybe you need expert advice.  Either way, we’re here to help.

Sometimes, it’s other luxury pool projects that trigger the best pool design ideas.

So, here we are: 10 luxury, indoor swimming pools that have been designed and built internationally.

These are the indoor swimming pools that could inspire your very own luxury indoor pool.  We hope you love them as much as we do.

1) Brenners Park Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool

This deck level pool is a beautiful centrepiece for an open plan room.

The pillars create an ancient, outdoorsy look, which is heightened by the natural lighting from the full-length feature windows.

The subtle side ladders add an elegant touch and are half concealed by the pool water, darkened by deeper-coloured pool tiles.

This swimming pool leads directly into a garden, making this indoor swimming pool suitable for summer as well as winter.

We love this pool design and build from Brenners Park Hotel and Spa.

2) Badrutts Palace Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool

This luxury pool opens onto natural water, making it reminiscent of an ocean expanse.

The deep green surroundings create a forest-like feel that peaks with the mountainous background.

The glass walls bring natural light into the pool room, making the indoor pool appear even more as if it were in the middle of nowhere.

We’re inspired by this indoor pool construction from Badrutts Palace Hotel.

3) La Mamounia Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool

This luxury pool’s large pale blue tiling highlights the water with absolute transparency.  The tiling is beautifully contrasted against the dark ceiling and patterned wall tiling.

The golden pillars pick out the colour of the lighting and complement the sheer blueness of the pool.  The clever use of colour is particularly atmospheric in this tranquil pool environment.

The added dynamic of a raised floor creates a clever illusion of a floating relaxation space.

We think that this indoor pool design from La Mamounia Hotel is stunning.

4) Kronenhof Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool

This abstract swimming pool is so simple, but so effective.

The pool room is almost completely filled with water, right up to the angled windows.  This indoor pool feels incredibly surreal; it almost seems to merge into the outside world.

The natural lighting enhances the colour of the pool water and creates a beautiful contrast against the natural stone wall.

We find this pool construction from Grand Hotel Kronenhof mesmerising.

5) Le Cheval Blanc Luxury Swimming Pool

Reminiscent of Budapest’s thermal baths, the tessellated tiling and contrasting ornate surroundings create the sense of going back in time in this luxury pool.

This luxurious pool is the perfect example of using your surroundings to enhance an indoor pool and create an outdoor atmosphere without needing an outdoor space.  The integration of trees places this pool amongst an indoor jungle.

We’re excited by this indoor swimming pool design from Le Cheval Blanc Hotel.

6) Paris Shangri-La Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool

This show-stopping indoor pool flaunts marble pillars and intrinsically patterned tiling for the complete luxury design.

The surrounding relaxation area makes for a dream living space to accompany the indoor pool.

The extravagant wall carvings finish the pool room a look of absolute grandiosity, especially with the natural light coming in from the full-height window – it hits the pool water beautifully.

This is the spectacular Paris Shangri-La hotel swimming pool.

7) Altira Macau Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool

This striking indoor pool looks like something straight out of a film.

The open-plan surroundings make this infinity edge swimming pool incomparable to any other.

The extensive steps create a glamourous walkway through the water that overlook stunning river views.  Swimmers are placed in a wide stretch of unbeatable aquatic views.

We love the creativity of the Altira Macau Luxury Hotel Pool.

8) Rambagh Palace Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool

Notice how the sea green pool tiling complements the lemon walls and abstract wall art in this luxury pool room.

This indoor pool makes a statement of originality.  Multiple windows bring dashes of light into the pool room that reflect brightly off the water and create a sunny atmosphere, even in the very enclosed space.

Though a regular square shape, this swimming pool is bordered by multiple loungers, contrasting cushions and candles, building a sense of ambience and serenity that seem unlike any other pool.

We love this beautiful pool design and construct from Rambagh Palace.

9) St Regis Lhasa Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool

If this indoor swimming pool isn’t the perfect finish to a luxury space, we don’t know what is.

The natural stone design of the pool room tiles contrasts wonderfully with the striking yellow pool tiles and lighting that gives the water such a striking golden glow.

The yellow tones are duplicated subtly in the dragon wall art and cushion covers, enhancing the sense of grandeur.

Like what you see? We do.  This pool design comes from St Regis Lhasa Resort.

 10) Hearst Castle Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool

This lavish indoor swimming pool caught our eye immediately.  The tiling is barely visible beneath the wonderful reflections of the decorative ceiling that are visible in the glassy water.

We love the full-wall artwork, miniature statues and the contrasting splashes of gold.  This indoor pool is designed for any life of luxury.

The pool water is almost invisible beneath the reflections of the vivid tiling that sets this pool apart in a way that is unforgettable.

This outstanding pool belongs to Hearst Castle Hotel.

Your Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool Design

We hope that these luxury indoor pool designs inspire you.

If you’re after a luxury indoor pool that could compete with these pool designs, sign up for one of our pool experts to contact you and discuss your design ideas.

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