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The Ultimate Guide To Your Luxury Wellness Spa

Designing a luxury wellness spa is an exciting but challenging task that requires a lot of thought about what facilities and features you would like to include.

Whether you are designing a luxury spa for a hotel, country club or domestic use, getting the exact facilities that meet your requirements is essential to creating the optimal relaxation atmosphere for all.

Here at Starpool, we have been blogging about the different installations that you could consider when creating the ultimate luxury wellness spa for you and your guests.

Read on to find out more…

Swimming Pools

The Ultimate Guide To Your Luxury Wellness Spa Starpool UK & IRE

As the most important aspect of any wellness facility, the swimming pool should be designed to create a feature that is the centre of the setting.

The look and sound of the water add to the relaxation feeling in many spas and can reflect the light around the room; giving a hypnotic feel to the spa room.

Swimming pools attract people for both relaxation and fitness benefits. This means that, depending on your chosen design, you can create an area built for everybody to thrive in.

As well as this, by choosing an indoor swimming pool, you can enjoy the space all year round without the chance of seasonal limits when the weather turns colder, and outdoor activities are not possible. 

Choosing a luxury indoor pool will not only bring health benefits such as giving you the chance to be more active, but it can also be used as space for you to host events in, such as parties or celebrations.

There is a range of different types of swimming pool to choose from including:

  • Skimmer pools – the water level in these pools is lower than the height of the pool itself by between 75-100mm.
  • Deck level pools – the water in these pools is the same level as the pool surroundings and water is displaced over the edge. It’s collected via a transfer channel around the pool where it then travels to a balance tank and then to the filtration plant.
  • Infinity edge pools – these pools have no edge at one end which gives the impression of the water blending into the horizon.

To further enhance your luxury indoor swimming pool design, you can include various additional features such as LED lighting, water cannons and swim jets to create the exact swimming experience that you and your guests are looking for.


The Ultimate Guide To Your Luxury Wellness Spa Starpool UK & IRE

The sauna is one of the most recognisable features of a spa. The high-temperature relaxation space is lined with stunning natural wood in a light colour that creates a stylish and inviting place to rejuvenate yourself.

There are a variety of designs that you can choose from for your sauna. These include a Finnish style sauna, which draws on the traditional Nordic designs to recreate that feeling of being in a mountainous environment while you’re relaxing.

Other examples include the Infrared Sauna, which uses heat and light to penetrate the skin, healing the tissues and detoxifying the body, giving an anti-ageing style effect after use.

Saunas also offer health benefits to those suffering from arthritis.

The heat generated by these spa facilities can reach between 80-90°C. This heat penetrates deep into the body which relieves the pain felt by the inflamed joints.

This can also be hugely beneficial to anybody with humidity-related health problems because the heat is dry.

Steam Rooms

The Ultimate Guide To Your Luxury Wellness Spa Starpool UK & IREAs an alternative to the dry heat of a sauna, steam rooms offer a humidity focused spa treatment which can bring health and relaxation benefits to all.

It can be easily installed in bedrooms and even bathrooms, to create the ultimate private wellness space.

For those suffering from sinus-related health issues, a few minutes in a luxury steam room can relieve the congestion feeling, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Steam rooms are designed to reach temperatures of 43/45°C in a matter of a few minutes; reacting quickly to being turned on or off. The humidity levels in a steam room can get as high as 98%

The steam room design is inspired by the Arabian hammams, Turkish steam baths and Roman steam sauna, bringing together a combination of cultures that give the ultimate feeling of luxury.

You can further enhance the relaxation experience in your steam room by including additional features such as sensory eucalyptus aromas or music systems that will add to the already tropical feeling that a steam room treatment creates.

Spa Pools

The Ultimate Guide To Your Luxury Wellness Spa Starpool UK & IRE

After enjoying a swim in the pool, as you start your luxury spa experience, a dip in the warming waters of a spa pool is the perfect way to get your body in the mind frame of relaxation.

As they are usually located near the swimming pool, spa pools offer guests a range of options for how they wish to relax.

Designed for between 6-10 people, spa pools are designed using mosaic, ceramic or stone coatings.

You can also choose a prefabricated EPS solution with a fibreglass shell and overflow edges if you’d prefer.

Depending on the design you’d like to create, you can have a spa pool that allows the guest to be either sitting or semi lying in the warm water.

Using the high-powered jets, spa pool water moves around and creates a bubbling effect on the surface of the water that relaxes the muscles as you sit in them.

The heat from the warm waters also penetrates deep into the muscles giving you an all-round feeling of relaxation.

Ice Machine

The Ultimate Guide To Your Luxury Wellness Spa Starpool UK & IRE

Regulating your body temperature is important and in the warm environment of a luxury wellness spa, it’s important to occasionally cool your body down again.

Ice rooms, waterfalls and cascades offer health benefits to users as well as a way to relieve the heat felt after use of saunas or steam rooms.

Cool systems in the ice rooms pump out cold air at temperatures between 5-15°C. Stepping into them gives that feeling of instant cooling after spending time in the warm environments of spa facilities.

Ice falls feature drop crushed ice into a large basin which guests can use as a way of cooling their skin. In warm environments, pores in the skin open. Using ice to cool yourself down closes those pores again, giving the skin a look and feel of refreshment.

Ice produced by the cascades can also be gently massaged into the skin to improve the circulation in the limbs, stimulate the immune system and oxygenate the tissues. Skin will feel firmer and body temperatures will come back down to normal levels leaving you feeling totally revived.

Ice caves can also feature colour effects, such as cooling blues, dimmable ceiling lights and music systems that will enhance the experience even further.

Experience Showers

The Ultimate Guide To Your Luxury Wellness Spa Starpool UK & IRE

Adding an experience shower to your luxury wellness spa can create a stunning alternative to other treatment options that can be designed for use in a way that exactly suits your needs.

These luxury facilities utilise multi-sensory treatments through the use of jets, fragrances and colours that result in an invigorating spa treatment. Choose from a range of options including:

  • Warm mists
  • Tropical rain
  • Summer storms
  • Cold rain

For further enhancement, you could include a music system that would set the relaxation tone and further the sensory experience.

The use of an experience shower calms the mind and creates a tranquil feeling that disconnects you from the pressures of day to day life.

Salt Rooms

The Ultimate Guide To Your Luxury Wellness Spa Starpool UK & IRE

A salt cabin or cave is a therapeutic space operating lower temperatures than the intense heats of steam room or sauna; around 20°C.

Salt saves feature Himalayan salt walls which help to purify the air in a way that won’t irritate throats suffering from dry coughs or infections.

Relaxing in a salt room can bring benefits to the skin and to the body as a whole; reviving your guests in a way that is truly luxurious.

Kneipp Pools

The Ultimate Guide To Your Luxury Wellness Spa Starpool UK & IRE

Designed in Germany in the 19th Century, Kneipp pools invite guests to immerse themselves in pools that alternate between hot and cold temperatures.

Guests switch between temperatures, alternating their body temperature rapidly.

This creates an improved impact on circulation and can help focus the mind, leaving guests feeling refreshed and ready for anything following their treatment.

Kneipp pools also stimulate the immune system through the rapid changing of the temperature.

They come in two different designs, you can feature them as immersion pools that guest switch between, or a pebble walkway which guests travel along in water up to their knees as the temperature suddenly changing as they go.


With Starpool’s range of wellness facilities, you can design a spa that is tailored to the needs of you and your guests.

The range of spa treatments creates an all-round experience that gives total emersion into relaxation that will leave you feeling completely refreshed.

With a swimming pool, sauna, steam rooms, spa pool, ice cave and experience shower, you will offer a complete range of options that will meet the requirements of any guest.

Additionally, you can heighten the mood across the facilities by adding music, colours and lighting that will create an atmospheric feeling of escape from the outside world.

Would you like to find out more?

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