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What Is Spa Consulting And What To Expect From It?

Designing and developing a brand new spa business (or revamping an existing one) is no simple task. The spa industry can be challenging, especially when you’re expected to start efficiently and profitably. 

Building a partnership with an experienced spa consulting service company can help to bring your spa vision into reality and set the right course for your new business (or get it back on track). 

What Is A Spa Consulting Service?

Spa consultants are a team of professionals with many years of expertise in the spa design and realisation, who are capable of identifying your spa requirements and translating them into a complete spa project. 

From the initial spa concept planning to design, execution and even training, an expert spa consulting business should be able to offer a complete package of spa services to support your spa creation in all aspects.

The ultimate objective of a spa consultancy service is to create a spa concept that offers an outstanding experience to its target customers and ensure its profitable development.

What To Expect From A Spa Consultancy?

A spa consultancy can provide a range of bespoke services that can be applied to a new spa development as well as to a relaunch of an existing facility. 

Usually, spa consulting services will include:

Spa Concept Creation

The first step focuses on understanding the client’s objectives, ideas and desires, so the scope of work can be determined and the vision and mission of the spa space can be discussed.

Will it have a more luxurious approach or a more practical one? Is it going to be a day spa, a luxury resort spa, fitness spa or even a luxury home spa?

Defining the purpose of the spa, along with its target customer, is crucial for the proper design creation and progress of the spa project.

What Is Spa Consulting And What To Expect From It? Starpool UK & IRE

Spa Design Development

Once the spa project objectives have been decided, the spa consulting service team can start selecting the spa and wellness equipment that will best suit the spa area and work on the entire functional design of the space and the subdivision of its area. 

The materials, wellness equipment and specific features preferred, as well as colours and shapes, will then be discussed in order to compose the spa scene. 

From simple and sleek lines to more complex settings, the design combined with the interior features will dictate the mood of the spa space. 

What Is Spa Consulting And What To Expect From It? Starpool UK & IRE

Spa Assessment

After the spa wellness concept and design have been completed, the spa engineers can perform a thorough evaluation of the spa space. 

By considering every single detail and specification of the area, they are able to create a draft with the initial spa layout. It represents the spa as a fully functional space, containing all the necessary equipment, features and technical specifications. When provided by an expert team of spa designers and engineers, a quality draft can already show the spa potential.

With the draft approval, the architectural plan can be prepared to contain the final designs, execution plans, estimates and specifications of the supplies and works for the spa to be designed and built.

What Is Spa Consulting And What To Expect From It? Starpool UK & IRE

Spa Management

A luxury spa can only maintain a top-class position when it has excellent management. From the position of the reception and treatment cabins to the human resources, all must work in perfect synergy to create the ultimate spa experience for the customers. 

The spa consultants can advise on the best options for the spa management and recommend all the resources necessary to ensure the comfort of the guests inside and out of the spa facilities. 

A spa consultancy may also offer spa training to coach the spa manager and spa staff to becoming truly wellbeing professionals.

What Is Spa Consulting And What To Expect From It? Starpool UK & IRE

Spa Promotion And Marketing

With the spa industry expertise and networking, the spa consulting team can develop an integrated communication plan that contains a range of promotional tools to enhance the return on investment. 

Media relations and events, presentations, social media and web can all be leveraged to properly present the spa brand to potential customers and make it stand out as an exceptional business.

What Is Spa Consulting And What To Expect From It? Starpool UK & IRE

Final Considerations

Spa consulting companies have the know-how, the connections and the expertise in the spa industry to help spa businesses thrive.

From spa concept and design to project plans and spa management and marketing, spa consultants can take the guesswork out designing and building a successful spa business.

Are You Looking For The Best Spa Consultants Available?

The Starpool team has over 40 years of experience in the spa and wellness industry and more than 3,000 wellness projects delivered around the world. 

At Starpool, our top spa consultants provide high standard consulting services for resorts, hotels, spa studios, wellness facilities, day spas and many more.

Contact us for a free consultation and discover how we can help to take your spa business to the next level.

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