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Wellbeing In the Workplace: Why Is it Important And How To Improve It?

Employees are the core of any organisation. The connection between workplace wellbeing and company performance has never been more apparent.

Before products and services, properties and even customers, a company is made of its people. Recognising the importance of their wellness is a must for every organisation and benefits both workers and the business.

What Is Wellbeing At Work?

Wellbeing relates to a positive state of mental, physical and social health. When applied to the corporate environment, workplace wellness is a holistic perspective on working life. 

It’s about employees feeling happy and fulfilled in their jobs. And it considers all aspects, from the environment safety, quality and climate to the worker’s feelings towards their jobs duties and expectations.

The Importance Of Health And Wellbeing In The Workplace

Stress, anxiety and other mental illnesses have been increasing among corporate workers rapidly. 

Last year alone, employees lost almost 40 million working days in the UK to work-related ill health. And a recent Mind Organisation survey found that over 70% of workers have experienced poor mental health at work. 

These numbers show how important it is to take care of employees’ physical and mental health. Workplace wellbeing initiatives can help prevent these issues and support employee happiness, health and efficiency.

Wellbeing In the Workplace: Why Is it Important And How To Improve It? Starpool UK & IRE

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Wellness For Employees?

Corporate wellness programmes can provide multiple benefits to all workers, no matter their job positions.
They have a positive impact on employees’ physical, mental, emotional and social aspects: 

  • Improved health 
  • Reduced stress and depression
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improved work morale 
  • Better workplace relationships
  • Improved feeling of support and recognition

Raising corporate wellbeing awareness promotes a healthy environment, where employees will work happily at their full potential.

Wellbeing In the Workplace: Why Is it Important And How To Improve It? Starpool UK & IRE

How To Improve Workplace Wellbeing?

To be effective, a wellness strategy must become a part of the organisation’s culture.

There are many simple actions that can be a great start, such as encouraging workers to stick to regular working hours or providing healthy snacks. 

Yet to make a positive and lasting impact, a corporate wellness programme must go beyond and embrace major aspects:

Focus On The Mental Health

As mentioned before, mental health related issues are a significant cause of absence at work. 

Offering psychological and emotional coaching programs or therapy will provide solid support to those who are struggling. 

Activities such as yoga, mindfulness and wellbeing days can also help to reduce and manage work-related stress.

Support An Active And Healthy Lifestyle

The sedentary routine most workers usually have is a known health risk. Providing tools for employees to be more active can help prevent illness and keep a healthy workforce. 

Gym memberships and nutritional advice are a great incentive, as well as motivating workers to move within the office. 

Encouraging a walk to a colleague’s desk instead of sending an email and regular breaks are great ways to combat sedentary behaviour.

Create Deep Relaxation Areas

Allocate areas to restore energy and regain concentration can make a true impact on workers’ productivity.

One incredible resource is dry flotation. Introducing floatation as a corporate wellness programme can offer multiple advantages to employees and positively impact their physical, mental and emotional health.

Corporate Wellness And The Concept Of Flotation

Our brains can either improve or regress based on how active we keep them. The flotation experience can induce a cognitive state that keeps the mind free and calm. It’s a condition of deep relaxation where body and mind can focus on healing and regenerating.

Being one of the best body healing practices, floatation significantly improves many body and mind conditions and creates the perfect setting to practise mindfulness. 

Dry Floatation

Dry flotation has the same principles as the floating tanks – it allows experiencing a zero-gravity feeling while floating in the water.

However, the dry flotation has an amazing advantage: it keeps you dry. There’s no need to change clothes, which makes it really easy and convenient to use at the office.

Wellbeing In the Workplace: Why Is it Important And How To Improve It? Starpool UK & IRE

How Does Dry Flotation Work? 

The dry float bed combines flotation tanks benefits with very practical use. With a special membrane, the body is kept suspended on 400 litres of water without any contact with it.

As the body lowers down into the bed surface, it is embraced by the warm water and a soft lumbar massage. 
The body stops to regulate body temperature and gravitational alignment – which absorb up to 90% of our resources – and the incredible sensation of flotation and zero gravity start.

The Benefits of Dry Flotation In the Office

Dry flotation is a therapeutic and scientifically proven technique to regenerate body and mind. With a 20 minute session during lunch break, its users can already feel the results.

Body Empowerment: 

  • Back tension and spine relaxation
  • Chronic and joint pain relief
  • Foot swelling reduction
  • Muscle recovery support
  • Breathing and blood circulation improvement
  • Jet-lag recovery optimisation

Brain Training: 

  • Mind relaxation
  • Focus and concentration support
  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Mood enhancement
  • Creativity and positive thinking boost
  • Mindfulness practice support 
Wellbeing In the Workplace: Why Is it Important And How To Improve It? Starpool UK & IRE

The Ultimate Wellness System For Employees

Imagine bringing your company a unique and innovative solution, based upon proven scientific research that is easy and quick to use, and suitable for both your ‘work-family’ and business.

Zerobody is an easy to implement solution that allows all employees to take short regeneration breaks, without any contraindications. It combines the therapeutic power of dry floating with neuroscientific mindfulness programmes

The regenerating and scientifically proven power of Zerobody have a positive effect on all physical, cognitive and emotional dimensions of wellbeing at work.

Learn how the food industry giant Nestlé is successfully using Zerobody at their office to support their commitment to employee wellness.

Discover Zerobody and all its benefits for employee wellness.

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