Luxury Spa Zone - Zoning Inspiration

Spa Zoning: Inspiration For Your Luxury Wellness Spa

Designing a luxury wellness spa is about creating an area for you and your guests to thrive and relax.

A poorly designed space can disrupt the feeling of comfort, counteracting the calming environment that you’re striving to create.

When you create a wellness suite design that considers zones within it, you can determine a natural flow for guests to move around within it the best way.

Here you can discover some spa zoning inspiration:

What Is Spa Zoning?

Wellness spa facilities have been developing over the years in a way that gives you and your guests the best possible experience.

The key to creating that experience is balancing the functionality of the spa space with the need for a seamless design. This is where the spa zoning comes in.

Creating luxury zones within your wellness spaces means creating allocated areas for different treatment types. It can help to improve client experience by grouping facilities that complement each other.

Guests can move around making the most of each zone, depending on how they want to focus their experience.

Wet Areas

Spa Zoning: Inspiration For Your Luxury Wellness Spa Starpool UK & IRE

The wet area of a wellness spa is where you will find water-based wellness facilities. These can include:


Wet areas are often located near the swimming pool. This means guests have the option of relaxing by the pool or using the wet treatment facilities without losing the seamless feel to the spa.

Relaxation Area

Spa Zoning: Inspiration For Your Luxury Wellness Spa Starpool UK & IRE

This zone is about giving guests the option to take a gentle swim in the luxury swimming pool or to use the relaxation beds around it to lie back and enjoy the calming atmosphere of the wellness spa.

The benefit for you and your guests in this area is that when they’re relaxing in this space they have the hypotonic effect of the pool reflections and the sound of the water naturally-occurring. The water sounds help to achieve calmness and to have a more relaxed experience in your wellness suite.

Saunas, Salt Caves & Ice Rooms

Spa Zoning: Inspiration For Your Luxury Wellness Spa Starpool UK & IRE

The third zone in the luxury wellness spa is where you’ll find the sauna and the ice room. Partnering these two luxury facilities together gives guests the opportunity to fully utilise the potential of each treatment.

When using high-temperature spaces such as saunas, the pores in the skin open and your body temperature goes up.

In warm spaces like wellness spas, regulating the body temperature is key to reap its full benefits. Therefore, moving into an ice room after using a sauna can help you achieve that.

The ice room will close the pores on your skin, giving your skin a fresher, healthier look, and your temperature will balance. In addition, you can have positive impacts upon your limbs and immune system by rubbing the ice to your skin. 

It is a kind of treatment that will even improve your circulation over time.

This spa zone is also an excellent place to locate a salt cave and salt walls. These spaces operate at temperatures lower than a sauna and offer guests a place to relax while achieving health benefits purely through spending time in the space.

Also, salt caves can aid dry coughs and refreshes the body from head to toe.


Implementing spa zoning can be an invaluable boost to the layout of your luxury wellness area.

By grouping related treatments together, guests can utilise the areas that they wish to focus their time in the facilities they choose, surrounded by the options for that spa zone.

Guests can move around the space, visiting each zone as appropriate to them, giving a smooth transition from one zone to the next as they go.

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