Our dedicated team of designers and constructionists are excited to help you achieve a spa experience right in your own wellness space. We offer a wide variety of unique Starpool spa collections, from simple and elegant designs to those that are technology-laden and highly functional. We understand that every client is one-of-a-kind, so we want to offer a range of spa options to reflect that diversity among our customers. Each of Starpool spa collections are intended to appeal to those of differing tastes and physical requirements, so you’ll always find one to suit you. 

Starpool Glamour collection offers unconventional designs in steam rooms and saunas, with a polish aluminium aesthetic that creates a professional vibe that rings of the Sixties, with very single detail finished to the highest standard. Or maybe Starpool Soul collection is more your style, with its Nordic atmosphere inspired by the Finnish Savusauna, all in charcoal greys and resonance spruce. The Starpool Sweet collection features a more functional design that prioritises hygiene above all else while still maintaining a stunning visceral appeal, while the Outdoor collection harks back to Nordic culture by making optimum use of open space and intricate layouts to help you achieve a more natural sense of luxury wellness, wherever you need it. 

We’ll help you explore our range of options to pair you with the collection that suits you best or design a complete bespoke product just for you.

  • A total new look, inspired by fascination, elegance and seduction.
  • Sweet is a unique, unmistakable, inimitable style.
  • Pure lines in a contemporary urban design.
  • Ergonomic, sleek lines, naturally inspired materials and an eye for detail.
  • A new dimension of spa and wellness.