Zero Gravity Floating Bed

You know how light you feel when you float on water? 
You can experience the same sensation of wellness with ZEROBODY™, the new generation floating bed for relaxing in zero gravity.
The ZEROBODY™ bed offers all the benefits of an immersion tank, without getting wet.
All beds feature the NU RELAX™ app with audio guides for mindfulness meditation: at zero gravity, your body has no weight and the effect of meditation is amplified.
Designed by Cristiano Mino

Try the zero
gravity bed:
lose track of your body
and discover a new


With the ZEROBODY™ bed
you float without getting wet

ZEROBODY™ has a smooth, elegant design. Its outer frame – lined with fabric – contains a 400-litre water mattress

When you lie down on the ZEROBODY bed, you will feel the rigid supporting surface be lowered electronically to give room to the water to surround you. At this point, your body is supported by waterproof fabric at body temperature, for a completely dry floating effect.


Why does it work? Science can explain

During the floating experience, the body stops adjusting body temperature and gravitational orientation: two activities that alone
absorb up to 90% of our resources. 
Having cast off this burden,
the body is free to produce endorphins, the substances associated with well-being.
This is why we experience such a pleasant state of rest.


So many ways of experiencing wellness

Find out how you can enjoy zero gravity relaxation. 
The ZEROBODY™ bed takes up so little space that it can be installed anywhere; all it requires is an electrical socket.
From business offices to hotel suites, from airports to homes, any place can become a cutting-edge wellness spa.


Improve the bed’s effectiveness

Enjoy an even more complete experience of relaxation.
Listen to meditation sessions on the NU RELAX™ app, while lying on the bed,
to discover the benefits of this new formula, the first to combine floating
with mindfulness: zero gravity favours meditation and amplifies its effects,
with unparalleled results.
The 6 audio guide sessions were developed in partnership with the
Neocogita research centre on the basis of neuroscientifically validated

The NU RELAX™ app is provided with all ZEROBODY™ bed. It is also
available for iOS and Android mobile devices.