LUXURY POOL & WELLNESS facilities are now present in over 55 countries from Shanghai to Milan, with 3,000 spas currently in operation for thousands of satisfied customers. We’re a leading company in our industry with years of experience driving us forward to every-increasing standards of excellence, and yet, our customers remain the heart and soul of what we do. From consultation to design and through to installation and aftercare, the satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority.

Our Research & Development unit works tirelessly to innovate new products and improve upon existing designs, ensuring that the journey you take with us is unique and destined for greatness at the conclusion. We genuinely care about our work and want to achieve the best possible solutions for our clients on every occasion.


Maybe you’re the proprietor of a popular hotel chain who has ambitions centred on the production of a world-class spa facility, or maybe you own a smaller commercial property that’s ready for a new phase in its development. You may even simply want a hotel-class spa fitted directly into your own home in order to achieve true luxury wellness without ever leaving your front door. 


No matter what your end goal is, we’re here to walk with you every step of the way. We aim for only the highest possible standards in hygiene, production quality and innovative technologies, and all of our products are finished to the best degrees in the industry.

Let us journey with you today!

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