We believe in the added value of the environmental-friendliness. For this reason, Starpool products offer solutions to reduce the energy consumption and to improve and automate their functions. The green nature of our products is a priority in all collections.

Our team of professionals are standing by to help take your dream from initial consultation through to the finished article and beyond. We’re confident in our ability to create innovative luxury wellness solutions that exceed client expectations and industry standards, and we never stop searching for new approaches that will improve the quality of our service and the effectiveness of the products we offer. We want to take your idea on board, harness its potential, and then deliver it in a way that will leave you satisfied for years to come. 

All of the luxury wellness solutions we put forward are intended to be low consumers of energy with automatic functions that help sustain and preserve the environment for future generations. 

Starpool Eco Spa technological approach regulates temperature in the spa products by constantly adjusting it to avoid wastage, while the software ensures that all appliances are designed to function at optimal levels for as long as possible without compromising the world around them. 

We consider ourselves to be at the forefront of design and innovation in the world of luxury spa and wellness products and facilities, and we constantly work to stay on top of modern approaches to design and function. Here at Starpool we aim to create bespoke products that compliment their environments and those who enjoy them.


Green Pack: A software and a hardware that adjust and keep the temperature regular. Our Green Pack  is connected to the self-closing doors and enables an about 20% energy saving during the standard operation by managing the energy load. 

Touch Display: Innovation that allows for the remote management of all Starpool’s products. It sends a lot of functional information, alerts and check-ups to any mobile devices. 

Eco Spa Technology: An easy-to-use software for the management and the automatised control of all Starpool’s devices installed in a Spa. Useful for the remote diagnostics and the optimisation of the energy loads. When you control the power distribution you avoid the overrun of the kW set to make the appliance work properly for a long-term saving


  • Swimming pool design & bespoke tiling
  • Swim in drinking water
  • Pool water management smart control
  • Automatic pool water backwash