As competition gets ever more intense, the hotel wellness Wow experience is what you need to offer.

Stop selling rooms and start making people feel good; create opportunities for pure regeneration and turn your clients into fans of your hotel.

Starpool’s complete hotel wellness package is designed for those looking to create the ultimate private spa by combining all the necessary features for a full relaxation experience.

A mini luxury spa fitted in one hotel room that will make your guests addicted to your hotel.


The Hotel Bedroom

The first step of the complete hotel wellness package introduces the Zerobody experience for improving your guests’ sleeping quality, providing deep relaxation and body regeneration.

One product that has the ability to change lives!


The Hotel Bathroom

The after spa sensation is all about functionality. In order to create the best wellness environment, you need a correct combination of heat, water and relaxation.

That is why the second step of the complete wellness introduces that right amount of hot and cold for a true luxury spa:

Steam Room & Sauna

We offer multiple designs and dimensions that you can choose from, including traditional, Finnish and infrared saunas.

You can also opt to GO BESPOKE and we will design a cabin exclusively for your hotel!

Ice Fall

After the heat, your guests will need to cool down and bring their body temperature to normal again.

That is why our complete wellness package includes an ice fall: a luxury rejuvenation cold experience, characterised by a cold ambience and elegant chromatic vibrations.



The Starpool’s complete wellness package can be customised to fit your vision and room requirements.

From Mediterranean Baths to Sensory Showers and Kneipp hydrotherapy, you can always combine different spa equipment to match your preferences.