During the swimming pool build and design process we provide impartial advice and a wealth of expertise. 
Our professional team will work with you to execute your ideas successfully through a study of expectation. 
This way we ensure that the vision you have for your wellness space is considered and most effectively realised. 

 Starpool are on the front line of innovation and fresh approaches to the creation of top-class wellness products and facilities. 

Find out more about how our expert team at Starpool can help you. 

Zoning, layout and prospective and volumetric views are factors we take into account.

 The designs we create can be installed at private properties, in places of business, hotels, day spas, and even on board boats. We’re passionate about creating world-class facilities that impress and satisfy our clients.

We can design, build and install the perfect luxury wellness facility for you. In addition, we provide the aftercare your new wellness space deserves to keep it at optimal levels for years to come. 

With Starpool your dream luxury swimming pool and wellness suite materialise in a way that exceeds your expectations. 

Wondering about how your dream luxury swimming pool will be built?


Starpool are experienced with every construction method on the market. We recommend concrete pool shells for indoor swimming pools. The benefits of sprayed concrete swimming pool shells outweigh all other options. 

Typical timeframes for building your pool shell, waterproofing, curing and services installation can range between 12-16 weeks (not including the commissioning stage). Here’s how we’ll go about building your pool in accordance with your design specification.


Constructing Your Pool Shell

Starpool will initially confirm the finish floor level for your private or commercial indoor swimming pool.
We will use this as our datum in conjunction with construction drawings to set out swimming pool dimensions.
Once the exact size and positioning requirements have been confirmed, your contractor will excavate the feature space in preparation for your swimming pool build.

Shutter System and Steel Reinforcement

Our team will build a temporary shutter system from plywood, which will form four insulating walls for the pool walls and floor.
Then we’ll create a steel-reinforced cage based on structural design calculations for your home pool. This will be protected by the shutter system.

Fittings and Lights

Fittings are inserted into the steel cage before concrete spraying can go ahead.  The steel cage will contain all your specified fittings and light niches for your indoor pool. These might include:

Pipe fittings
Vacuum fittings
Return water inlets
Advanced filtration systems
Colour changing LED lighting

All fittings are covered for protective purposes.


From start to completion, the construction of your swimming pool shell will take between 2 and 5 weeks, depending on dimensions and complexity of pool design.
Once the shell is completed, we’ll leave it to cure for a minimum of 4 weeks.
While the shell is curing, we’ll install UPVC pipework from the pool to the plantroom.


Waterproof Coating

The next phase of your swimming pool construction is to waterproof the pool shell.
In order to guarantee a consistency that cannot be achieved through on-site mixing, we use a factory pre-mixed render
Starpool recognise the importance of the waterproof layer.

We use Sika One 3-part, pre-bagged render systems.
These control water ingress and create a hard-wearing screen that withstands high water pressure and follows the contours of your pool structure.
Sika Render provides a waterproof finish that is recognised as the best cement-based waterproofing system for swimming pools.
• Sika has a 100-year track record of high-quality results
• Can be used to achieve grades 1-3 according to BS 8101-2009
 • Is suitable for high water table according to BS 8102-2009
• Is drinking water inspectorate approved (ref no. 56.4.94)
• Is BBA approved
 • Offers a guarantee when installed by a registered contractor

Additional Waterproof Coating

After the waterproofing render has cured, we add a second waterproof layer in the form of world-leading Ardex S7 plus or Mapelastic. These are designed specifically for the waterproofing of indoor swimming pools.
Once applied, a static water test will be applied to ensure the pool shell is completely watertight.


Luxury Tiling

Upon completion of the static water test, we will leave your pool shell to dry again, before finishing it with final features and tiling.
Your luxury swimming pool can be tiled based on your choice from our extensive range of show-stopping tile designs.
We’ll even design family emblem tiling for an absolute sense of grandeur in your home pool.

Heat and Ventilation Services

While your pool shell is being constructed, we’ll begin the primary phase of your heating and ventilation system. It’s important that air temperature and humidity is regulated in your indoor pool space, which is why Starpool carry out HAVC work to ensure that the air in your pool space is healthy and recirculated correctly.
Ventilation and heating systems involve installation of ductwork, either in the ceiling void, under the floor, or sometimes both. This will be dependent upon your pool design and available space.

Pool Filtration and Water Management Systems

State of the art filtration systems, pumps and dosing systems are installed to ensure you swim in crystal clear water.
Finally, we will complete your luxury swimming pool build project by filling the pool with our drinking water quality pool water.
We use Dryden Aqua integrated water systems to remove toxic chlorine by-products and ensure that your pool water is consistently clean. Starpool are the UK’s largest approved installers of the award-winning Daisy Water Filtration system, which incorporates the world’s best pool water filtration media, AFM.
Once the plant and equipment are fully installed and the pool shell is complete, we can start to look at the commissioning stage.