The perfect luxury swimming pool design comes with the right partnerships, including your architect and all the contractors involved in the design, build and installation process. 

Starpool’s professional team of pool designers, engineers and contractors start by identifying your exact needs and what you are looking to get with your swimming pool and wellness area.

Our goal is to, above all, create a unique swimming pool that’s completely tailored to your requirements so you can enjoy the best pool experience. 

We offer an initial free, no obligation pool design consultation via the telephone or online.

We provide expert advice on the best swimming pool design concepts according to the goal of your pool. You may consider a different shape, size or style whether you want a luxury pool to exercise, entertain or relax. A wide range of swimming pool types are also available to choose from, such as skimmer, deck level and infinity pools, along with a variety of pool features that will improve your pool experience.

 They will then develop a swimming pool project that meets all your specifications. We will walk you through the entire pool design creation process, the items that you will need and how we are able to manage everything on your behalf.

Our team brings all the elements together and with the support of the latest digital technology we create virtual designs of your future dream luxury wellness space. 
Discover more about the project development steps in the CAD Design and BIM Design sections below. In addition, explore the Luxury Finishes we provide to make your dream luxury pool come true.

The Starpool experienced team can provide complete bespoke swimming pool design, build and installation services for every indoor and outdoor pool type.