We are one of the few Swimming  Pool and Spa Wellness companies that have the facility to offer BIM Design Modelling. 

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a type of process based on intelligent 3D model used in engineering and construction. On complex projects, it offers big benefits to the design team to ensure there are no unexpected issues on site.  Moreover, it helps prevent equipment placement clashes during construction and installation.

At Starpool we offer the best technology available so we can bring your pool or spa vision to reality with the highest level of safety and efficiency.

Pool Room Heat and Ventilation BIM Design

The 3D model was produced so the ductwork runs through the ceiling void and the floor space could be managed.
It was especially critical to ensure the pathway to the the pool room lantern ceiling was identified.

Pool Pipework

Here the BIM design model is used to show the potential pool pipework routes and connections in a confined space.

Spa Pool 3D Modelling

Here there is a section using 3D modelling to show the spa pool, the pool equipment and the water management system.