With a careful selection of materials, Starpool provide an outstanding richness of detail to luxury swimming pool finishes.

Every swimming pool project has a variety of pool finishes available so that your project is custom-tailored to your needs. 

In addition to luxury pool tiles and mosaics, we also offer a variety of pool features, such as water wall, waterfall or drop lighting effects.

Our exclusive swimming pool finishes and features will bring your wellness space to the next level. 
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We provide natural stone and ceramic tiles for both indoor swimming pools and for the pool surrounds.

Natural stone or porcelain tiles create an elegant look for the pool and wellness area. Besides adding a natural aesthetic to the pool, they also have the advantage of being low maintenance.

Ceramic tiles have an attractive appearance and are highly resistant, lasting for many years. They are a practical and sustainable choice for swimming pools.



Our range of stunning mosaic tiles includes iridescent glass, gold flack glass, vitro glass and small-format tiles.

The iridescent glass tiles catch the light and create rainbow-colour spectrums across the water, giving it a charming look. We offer iridescent tiles in 36 outstanding shades and can be matched among the pool and spa areas.

Gold fleck mosaic tiles are a classy choice to the pool and wellness area. Touches of gold weave through tiles and create a luxury vibe.

Vitro glass mosaics will reflect the light as the water move over the surface of the mosaics, creating a mesmerising effect. Our Lavarange option provides a robust design, while the Marbo range creates a pastel design.

Small-format mosaic tiles have a classic aspect and harmonise with the pool water. It is the best choice for curved surfaces.


In addition to the pool finishes, you can add modern features that will make your swimming pool luxurious.

Hi-tech LED lighting: create a unique ambience with colour changing technology. We provide up to 11 different colours you can control remotely.  

Waterfalls and water walls: add the pleasant sound of running water to your pool and create a relaxing environment. With the designs available you can choose the one that will best match your luxury pool design and surroundings.

Water jets: the laminar jets add a unique visual to your pool. Arcs of water coloured by night will give a sophisticated air to any pool design.

Textured wall: from accent waves to a rugged look, a textured wall will add an outstanding look to your pool room.



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