At Starpool we provide a wide range of bespoke indoor and outdoor swimming pool types that are suited to private homes and commercial properties.
From infinity-edge outdoor pools to indoor basement pools, our team is ready to work with all sorts of projects. 

With Starpool unique luxury pools you will experience relaxation, physical and mental rejuvenation in your dream pool space.

Here you can learn more about each type of swimming pool we can build you.

The swimming pool type you choose will determine the basis of the pool design and installation requirements. 
It is important to consider that the pool users play a direct role in the size, style and shape of the swimming pool. A basement swimming pool can be a great option for a family quality time, while a luxury outdoor swimming pool can greatly improve a hotel wellness area. In addition, the pool surroundings can also influence the design and type possibilities, such as opting for a skimmer pool for an outside area or a deck level pool to create a luxury design in an indoor space.

Above all, we consider all your needs and specifications to develop your pool design and build
Our experienced team can advise you on the pool types that will best suit your environment and take care of the entire design, build and installation process to create it. We also provide complete pool services for every swimming pool type.

Whether you are looking for a luxury wellness space that’s ideal for calorie-burning, need a quiet place to relax or an entertainment space for clients and guests, one of our swimming pool types will help you attain your desires.


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