Our mission at Starpool is to create innovative luxury spa and wellness solutions, and then bring those creations to life within homes, commercial settings, and even on board boats. Our designers and builders are constantly seeking new ways to improve and revolutionise their approach using state-of-the-art design technology, electrical engineering, and a host of other contemporary methods in the promotion of comfort and relaxation. 

If you are searching for your own little slice of luxury wellness, at home or in your place of business, Starpool are ready to help make your dream rejuvenation space become a reality through our top-class consultants, designers and builders. You can choose from a range of wellness facilities to help achieve that professional, lavish feel right on your own property. 

Starpool are standing by to help meet your needs today. 


A steam room is the perfect place to experience true luxurious rejuvenation. The combination of close air, visually-appealing tiling and purifying temperatures will leave you feeling refreshed well beyond your time there. Our company are expert steam room builders, and our installations are inspired by the Arabic hammams, Turkish steam baths and Roman steam saunas.


The deep heat and visually-stunning interior of our saunas will restore you from the inside out. The temperature works its way deep into your muscle tissue, drawing out toxins and producing an anti-ageing effect on your skin. Time spent in a sauna is guaranteed to lift your mood, ease your muscular tension and purify you internally and externally for days afterwards.


One of the more radical and visually-stunning treatments on offer, ice cascades are an effective method of body temperature regulation within a spa setting. If you’ve spent time in a sauna or steam room, an ice cascade is the perfect way to restore your body’s hydration levels and natural temperature, allowing you to continue drawing from the multitude of benefits on offer within the more heat-oriented forms of wellness that are available.

The Starpool’s patented Mediterranean technology

created an environment with milder temperatures and a
slightly higher humidity rate.
The heat effect stimulates the gradual and constant
sweating without tiring.


Salt Rooms provide you with a unique, multi-sensory relaxation experience, right in your home or commercial property. The natural design and relatively moderate temperature of salt rooms creates the sensation that you’re by the sea, all the while rejuvenating your skin and positively impacting any breathing-related difficulties you might have. Natural salts, such as those sourced from the Himalayas, lends to a deeply authentic and long-lasting luxury wellness experience for all who visit.

Well-being is not the exclusive right of hotels or fitness centres, but can also be part of daily home life. Wide range of products dedicated to relaxation that follow the lines of the body for a moment of true well-being and comfort. 




A sensory shower is the ultimate multi-faceted luxury wellness experience in which you and your guests can indulge. A variety of settings, which range from warm mists to ice-cold waterfalls, provide you with a plethora of multisensory experiences that revive your body and mind. A home-fitted sensory shower is a the pinnacle of personal luxury, gifting you with a superb and effective method of starting your day in the best possible way.


Kneipp swimming pools therapy originated in Germany, and has been proven to help alleviate a variety of health issues, including stress, sleeping disorders, cardiovascular illness and metabolic problems. Through constant alternation between hot and cold water within a bath, swimming pools or walk setting, blood circulation experiences increased stimulation that bolsters the immune system and enhances your state of wellbeing. Kneipp swimming pools are the ideal form of luxury wellness treatment for those requiring deep, personal rejuvenation and restoration.