Starpool’s spa consultancy also provides complete aftercare solutions, so your spa is always ready for your guests.

Our spa services range from maintenance and training to marketing promotions and business development support, so every part of your spa business will be taken care of.

Discover how you can improve your spa services with Starpool.

Spa Engineering

Our professional team of spa engineers are able to handle every complexity related to the technical needs in a spa, its products and equipment.

Product & wellness engineering
Mechanical & electrical engineering

Spa Assistance

With a network of qualified, regularly trained technicians,
Starpool can grant a quick response, avoiding equipment downtime during unpredictable breakdowns and supplying professional troubleshooting.

Spa Training

To offer your customers an even more rewarding, healthy and balanced experience, we provide training courses aimed at enabling wellbeing professionals.

Live your spa and Care your spa
Spa system method
Dry float training
Spa Ritual

Spa Promotion

We provide promotional packages to support spa owners reach their target customers and enhance the return on investment.

Media relations and events
Images and presentations
Social media and web

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