Our mission at Starpool is to create spa wellness concepts with exceptional solutions that represent the vision and desires of our customers. 
That is why we’ve developed a concept process model that goes through every aspect of your dream spa, from the initial idea to the final touch, so that the result is a 100% satisfaction. 

Your vision, our implementation..

Spa Vision & Mission

Our spa consultants team will define the scope of work and discuss the vision and mission of your spa wellness area, taking into account all your ideas and preferences.

Project Objectives

To create the best spa and help you achieve your goals, we will need to discuss the project objectives, which allows us to select the most suitable spa and wellness equipment for your space and develop the functional design of the area.

Design Preferences

Moving forward, we will discuss your preferred colours, shapes, materials, equipment and the outlook of the spa. Whether you want to create a space with clear and simple lines or an extravagant setting, at Starpool, we have it all. 

Interior Features

We know that a five-star luxury spa needs more than just equipment. Our spa design team will prepare a proposal with a complete set of interior features that will turn your spa space into the ultimate wellness retreat.