With Starpool’s Ice Rooms, cold has never been more glamorous. 

Our ice rooms offer a cold ambience with finely crushed ice that recreate the most authentic cold reactions, characterised by rigorous forms and chromatic vibrations. A Nordic inspiration that combines advanced design elements in a unique synthesis of beauty.

Starpool’s reaction baths create a healthy environment with an exclusive cooling system technique. Distributing the cold air regularly, it keeps the temperature between 5°C and 15°C. 

Discover our ice basin and ice fall from our cold reactions line:

Cooling down is an essential part of a spa treatment. After a sauna, steam room or Mediterranean bath session, balancing the body temperature is key to fully enjoy the wellness benefits.

Ice rooms offer a distinctive cooling method that can be enjoyed all year round. The coolness from the room directly acts on the skin pores, subsequently closing them and giving skin a fresher and healthier look.

As the body temperature balances out, the circulation improves. Moreover, rubbing crushed ice on the skin will enhance its effects, as it stimulates the immune system.

The ice cabin design combines comfort and performance with sustainability. Our exclusive green technology controls and maintains the cool temperature while optimising energy consumption and avoiding energy waste.

Bring the refreshing Scandinavian tradition of cold reactions into your spa space with our unique Ice Rooms.