The Starpool luxury indoor and outdoor saunas will restore you from the inside out. 
As a leading UK sauna designer and manufacturer, Starpool offers many possibilities to design your dream wellness space.

Elegant details, clean aesthetics, natural materials and harmonious design elevate the luxury sauna spa experience to an exclusive pleasure.
Whether you need a home sauna or a sauna spa space for your business, Starpool will create a unique ambience truly dedicated to personal wellness.

Discover our award-winning Sauna Collections, signed by the Italian Designer Cristiano Mino.

Saunas provide a warm and cosy environment, a wellness sanctuary that lifts your mood, eases muscular tensions and generates health benefits. The temperature works its way deep into the muscle tissue, drawing out toxins and producing an anti-ageing effect on your skin. 
The time spent in a sauna creates a sense of internal and external purification, a pleasing sensation that can be felt for days afterwards.  

From traditional saunas, to Finnish and infrared saunas, our solutions come in a wide variety of dimensions and layouts. 
Designed to accommodate more than one person, they can be built to fit into every type of environment and meet spatial requirements. In addition to bespoke saunas, our ready-to-install sauna cabins can be modulated, ensuring quick and easy installation operations. From residential homes to large-scale spas, the Starpool saunas create the highest quality spa environment.

Technical and safety qualities are also carefully considered with co-sustainability in mind. All types of sauna employ 100% natural, manufactured from highly recyclable materials. The wood special treatment ensures maximum cleanliness and antibacterial properties.

Bring the fascinating aspects of the Nordic culture into your space with a Finnish sauna or the benefits of infrared therapy as an indoor sauna.