Sweet Sauna 90 encapsulates the culture of the Nordic tradition and builds on it via innovation. 

The use of light and colours, the choice of materials, the ergonomics and harmony of the design elevate the sauna space into an elegant and exclusive pleasure. Create an ambience totally dedicated to personal wellness whether at home or in a spa centre.

The natural oak surfaces and the building pattern reduce the use of glue, which makes its environment so healthy. In less than 3, this product keeps high technology and beauty.

The XL version of SweetSauna90 maintains the qualities, functionalities and content unchanged while doubles the pleasure. 

The SweetSauna Infrared version is an effective, safe and localised heat treatment. The ceramic lamps, filled with lava sand, and the low-temperature infrared releases heat through the seating to heat the body from within. The absence of any stove means that SweetSauna Infrared can also be installed in non-controlled areas such as hotel rooms.

SweetSauna90 Combi is the perfect solution for those who wish to feel free to choose at any moment. With its double system of a traditional stove and infrared lamps, it offers the best of the two sauna worlds, with the high temperatures of the classic Finnish sauna or a more gentle warmth. This combined solution can be installed in all ambiences dedicated to well-being and is also available in the XL version.