An ideal spatial continuity that forms part of the vanguard of wellness, giving the sauna a new perspective.
Sweet Sauna Smart offers an eye for detail, sleek aesthetics and materials of natural inspiration that are pleasing to the touch and further intensify the sauna experience. The combination of oak wood and glass, along with the internal stove, smart technology and lighting features create the ideal environment for the ultimate well-being experience.

The dimensions are designed to meet unique space requirements without sacrificing comfort, quality or functionality.

The SweetSauna Infrared is an effective, safe and localised heat treatment.  Its ceramic lamps and low-temperature infrared technique release heat through the ergonomic seating, heating the body from within. The backrests, fitted with SensoCare® technology, use special thermal sensors to continuously monitor the skin temperature and release the heat while regulating its intensity. The absence of stove makes it possible to be installed in complete safety in non-controlled areas, such as hotel rooms.

SweetSaunaSmart Combi is the perfect solution for those who wish to feel free to choose at any moment. With its double system of a traditional stove and infrared lamps for localised heat treatment, it offers the best of the two sauna worlds, with the high temperatures of the classic Finnish sauna or an enveloping, more gentle warmth. This combined solution can be installed in all ambiences dedicated to well-being.