Inspired by the traditional Roman Baths, the Arab Hammam and the Turkish baths, Starpool create steam rooms of true luxury dedicated to body care.

For private or commercial use, Starpool offer a stunning range of steam rooms to suit every project and property style. Our steam room designs can be custom-tailored and are ideal for any environment dedicated to personal wellness.

From a small home steam room to an outdoor steam room in a five-star hotel, we can create the perfect cabin and bring your vision into reality.

Starpool can create your complete wellness experience.

Discover our award-winning Steam Room Collections, signed by the Italian Designer Cristiano Mino.

Steam rooms (also known as steam baths or steam showers) can provide health benefits, being used for relaxation purposes and to regain energy. The moist heat released from steam generators improves circulation, sleeping disorders and poor breathing conditions.

We work with the best designers and artisan suppliers to produce state-of-the-art spa wellness areas and cabins. The materials and components are carefully chosen to make true wellness accessible and versatile.
Every detail matters, so our cabins have hand-finished designs that create a luxury finish. In addition to its beauty, they also bring the latest technologies that ensure high levels of hygiene.

Sustainability is one of our values – all steam rooms are designed with green technology and sustainable production. The steam room building process has a low environmental impact and we apply a set of functions that reduces energy consumption.

The Starpool’s exclusive patented Air Steam System produces a special mixture of steam, fresh air and aromas for better air quality.

First-class air and steam systems, aromatherapy, exceptional designs and green technology are brought together in one multifunctional cabin.