Inspired by laconicum, the sweating rooms used in ancient Roman baths, Starpool created the Mediterranean Collection.

Starpool’s Mediterranean collection features our patented techniques and green technology to ensure a great experience that is also sustainable.

All the Mediterranean Collection products can be fully personalised and adapted to any context, providing the best solution for its location and its users.

Discover the Starpool luxury collection that brings elegance, sophistication and socialisation to your wellness space.
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The Mediterranean Warm Baths bring back the antique concept of heat transfer with a modern and luxury touch. They have been carefully designed as an alternative to the intense heat of Scandinavian saunas and to the high humidity of steam rooms.

Starpool’s patented Mediterranean technology creates an environment with milder temperatures (45-50ºC) and humidity (55-65%) rates. This exclusive system provides heat through a stove filled with warm stones and by radiation from the walls. A pleasant aromatic flow is released from the ceiling dispensers, creating a fragrant cloud of steam that soothes the warm room environment. 

The enveloping heat effect created stimulates a gradual and constant sweating without tiring, and the light humidity softens the skin tissue. Positive effects from the heat and moist can be felt, such as stress relief, release of toxins in the skin and an overall feeling of relaxation. Starpool’s warm baths guarantee the best enjoyment of the benefits from this treatment while keeping comfort and effectiveness. 

This unique combination creates an enjoyable ambience that welcomes guests to socialise. 
Due to its mild conditions, it is an environment that favours longer stays – just like the ancient Roman baths used to do. In addition, it is a great choice for those who find saunas too hot.