Based on scientific research, Starpool has created four wellness paths to turn into reality what was previously lacking in the dream spa. As Riccardo Turri, Starpool CEO says: “We wanted to offer a new method of use inside the spa that would meet the wellbeing desires of each user” 

Starpool understands that if the spa facilities and devices aren’t used correctly, they can sometimes produce sensations that are either sub-optimal or, at worst, actually detrimental to the user. When exposed to high temperatures, our body endures a sort of a false fever that activates the immune system. Therefore, a rub down with ice or immersion in the cold water are fundamental to restore our temperature to normal standards.

That is why our facilities and systems are designed to alert the user to it’s time to go and reset, ensuring that all our clients achieve the most enriching and satisfying spa experience possible on every occasion.

The Starpool experts have devised four wellness paths for four wellness outcomes: Relax, Tonic, Purify and Excite. Choose your path, put on the bracelet of the corresponding colour and let yourself be guided along!


The path designed to cleanse the body through intense sweating that oxygenates the skin, ridding it of impurities. 


For a burst of new energy and greater tonicity of the heartbeat with intense heat followed by intense cold.


The path helps relax contracted muscles and promotes slow and gradual relaxation of the body.


Sweating and dilation of the pores act as a tonic, draining toxins and giving greater firmness to the tissues.