Based upon scientific research, Starpool has created four wellness paths to turn into reality what was previously lacking in the dream spa. As Riccardo Turri, Starpool CEO says: “We wanted to offer a new method of use inside the spa that would meet the wellbeing desires of each user” Choose your path, put on the bracelet of the corresponding color and let yourself be guided along!

Luxury Pools and Starpool understand that if spa facilities and devices aren’t used in the correct way, they can sometimes produce sensations that are either sub-optimal or, at worst, actually detrimental to the user. At higher temperatures, for instance, our bodies are prone to creating a form of artificial fever that makes our immune systems kick into gear – this is the best time to combat ill-effects by exposing the body to cold temperatures, restoring our optimal condition. Our facilities and systems alert users to it’s time to go about resetting bodily temperatures, ensuring you achieve the most enriching and satisfying spa experience possible on every occasion.

Drawing from cutting-edge scientific research, our experts have devised four wellness paths for our clients that help them experience their luxury wellness facilities as they were always meant to be enjoyed. Starpool Relax wellness path focuses on gently inducing the body into a state of relaxation by releasing muscular tension, while the Tonic pathway encourages the draining of toxins through sweating; the Purify pathway carries this process further by inducing intense sweating that cleanses and purifies the skin, and the Excite pathway produces fresh energy and reinvigoration through rapid changes in temperature.

The sensation of wellness has been proven to nurture a genuine state of relaxation in the body and mind, and can be achieved to extremely effective degrees through our unique spa system. Customers who’ve used the Starpool system have provided substantial positive feedback – why not find out how you can, too?


The path helps relax contracted muscles and promotes slow and gradual relaxation of the body.


Sweating and dilation of the pores act as a tonic, draining toxins and giving greater firmness to the tissues.


The path designed to cleanse the body through intense sweating that oxygenates the skin, ridding it of impurities.


For a burst of new energy and greater tonicity of the heartbeat with intense heat followed by intense cold.